P2 Links for where to obtain Tools & Sample/Test Code (reference only)

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I have created this reference thread just for links of where to obtain tools and sample/test code for the P2.

* Only a single post for each piece/group of code
* Place a bold underlined heading at the top of your post for the name of your code
* Place a link of where your code can be obtained
* Describe your code

Note: Please, no discussions about the code here. It is just for links to where your code can be obtained, a description (one post in length), and maybe a thread where it is discussed.

Remember, you can edit changes to your post here, including links. The main objective is for a single place to go to find out where code may be obtained.

@ersmith: Could you please add your spin2gui and fastspin etc links etc here? (this is what prompted me to start his thread)
@Chip: Would you like to add a link to pnut etc (otherwise I will do it)
@Peter: TAQOZ link(s) please


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