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I'm noticing that the documentation on refers to the latest release as Revision B. However, when you actually query the hardware, it returns "Prop_Ver G". While I understand stating that the Eval Board is Rev B, but shouldn't the documentation for the chip itself (incl. the Google Docs) be using the revision designator returned by Prop_Chk?

Edit: or am I misunderstanding what "G" represents?


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    Good point. They were like that on the FPGA too. I don't know why v32 (rev A) FPGA files were version A while the v33 (rev B ) FPGA files became version G.
  • At one point, one of us asked for revisions on Pnut.exe.

    I believe that is where the revisions came from. Numbered editions got letters to indicate minor changes.
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    That doesn't explain why the ROM responses have no relation. The ROM that goes with PNut v32i ("i" being the revision that went to fabrication) gives a response of version "A".

    EDIT: Or are you saying that the request for identification wasn't until after the first silicon was being tested? That's a pretty long way through development. EDIT2: Except that doesn't add up either because the ID was there all along I think. It was just stuck on version "A" throughout FPGA development until v33.

    EDIT3: v33k was the exact FPGA revision that went to fabrication for rev B silicon.

  • A = rev A silicon
    B..F = various FPGA boards
    G = rev B silicon
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