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Cyclone 10 early info



  • TubularTubular Posts: 4,414
    edited 2017-11-14 09:54
    OzpropDev has done some tests with the $99 board. There's not much advantage over the max10.
  • IMO the Max10 wins with it's built in flash. :)
  • Yes it's a perfect match... only wish MAX10 was as cheap as the Lattice ECP5 stuff though.
  • Look forward to what MHz a ECP5 P1V might do.

    Go Fleasystems go...
  • Hoping to get back to looking at the ECP5 compile for P1V again. Did some work there already in Diamond but ran into some problems getting it to meet timing without setup/hold issues and found while these tools are fairly simple, they also seem to be rather minimal and not something easy to navigate and display the resulting output design, especially memory block contents. After a fair bit of head bashing I decided I just had to pause all my frustrations for a bit then got sidetracked by some regular P1 robot stuff which was somewhat more enjoyable. I hope to take another look at some point. Perhaps I'll try a build with fewer COGs to see if it helps with the timing constraints.
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