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P2-ES Board Support



  • Thanks for all the input guys, I went ahead and emailed tech support. It's frustrating to set aside an hour for programming and end up fighting a COMM port for 40 or 50 minutes.

    I got started late in life at my local college so it was windows all the way. My first real deep dive was the propeller 1. It was very lucrative, and a fun ride while it lasted, but my experience with the propeller was focused on getting a product to market, so I missed out on a lot of fun.
    I'm going to keep the prop2 educational and fun for as long as I can.
  • Help? Not sure what I'm seeing. P2 Eval Board Rev B, plug in uSD card and Propeller Tool will not recognize that prop is connected. Flash Switch setting has no effect on this. Remove uSD card and Propeller tool sees it again.

    This make sense? What have I missed in the docs?
  • One idea to test... If you leave the SD card inserted, press the EVAL board reset button, and then try to identify your board from Propeller Tool.

    You might need to have the P59 dipswitch up (or maybe both P59 off, and FLASH off too). Try a few combos!
  • If you still have trouble try grabbing a Sandisk 16 GB red + grey SD card (Ultra?? not the red and gold ones)
  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 17,972
    You need P59^ (switch 3 on P2-EVAL Rev B) ON with all others OFF.

    BTW I have noticed that under some circumstances only every second identify/download works for pnut and/or PropTool.
    Fastspin with LoadP2 seems to work flawlessly.
  • @Cluso99 thank you that worked!
  • SuracSurac Posts: 174


    i am trying to figure out the difference between P2 ES 64000-B and the P2 ES 64000-C revision of the P2 Eval board. As i was unable to find Rev-B schematics my hopes go to you all :smile:


  • @Surac said:

    i am trying to figure out the difference between P2 ES 64000-B and the P2 ES 64000-C revision of the P2 Eval board. As i was unable to find Rev-B schematics my hopes go to you all :smile:


    Here's both B and C schematics.

    The main difference is that RevC has the WX Ready (WiFi programming) option added to the programming header, and 5V was removed from beside the V2431 pin as a few customers experienced accidental shorts between the two voltages.

  • SuracSurac Posts: 174
    edited 2021-03-25 13:13

    So as I understand the WX programmer board needs a reset pin to program the p2 on the eval board?

    Any suggestions how to „convert“ a rev b to a rev c board?

  • You could solder a header into the unpopulated 2-pads to the left of the programming header. One is marked RESn, which you'd need to connect to the CTS pin on your WX module.

    Couple caveats ....

    1. Before adding the 2-pin header you MUST cut the trace between the two pads, which is visible on the top layer. After cutting, ensure there is no continuity between the two pads (RESn and DTR). After you have soldered in the 2-pin header, you can always close the link again (for wired programming) using a shunt header.

    2. The pin on the programming header that was changed to reset for RevC is actually 5V on RevB. So you need to ensure you do not make a connection to that 5V pin. One solution might be to snip off that pin with some cutters, so that it does not connect with the WX breakout, and then make a short wire to jumper from the RESn pin you just added that 2-pin header, and the WX module CTS pin. If you are using the Parallax WX adapter, we provided a row of pads into which you could solder a standard 0.1" header that connects to CTS in one of the positions.

  • roglohrogloh Posts: 3,637
    edited 2021-03-25 13:46

    It looks slightly tricky to rework a revB to a rev C with that reset path instead of 5V. I think you'd need to desolder the pin from the 0.1 header while pulling it out of the plastic housing, then plugging the hole it leaves with some insulation/glue and feeding a shorter pin header back in that has a fine wire to the reset pad via a schottky diode and 1K resistor like the rev C has. Key to it is not letting the 5V from the board pad back into the pin.

    Edit: argh VonSzarvas beat me to it! :smile:

  • evanhevanh Posts: 11,889

    The main difference is improved routing. The only way to get that is to have an actual revC board.

  • evanhevanh Posts: 11,889

    Oh, reset, there is a solderable reset pad next to the SD slot on the revB board.

  • SuracSurac Posts: 174

    Worked like a charm.

    • used my Dremel to cut between RESn and DTR
    • soldered in a 2-pin header (and use the ACC HDR 5V jumper to short the soldered in pins for cable mode. So, no 5V will hit the 5V header-pins anyway)
    • Took a pliers and soldering iron and just pulled the 5V pin from the program header (while heating it from the bottom side)

    Picture is a bit blurry, excuse my bad iPhone camera.

  • Good job, even if I did just have scary thoughts about a trip to the dentist!

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