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Public games repo - Call for code!

VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 2,490
edited 2019-10-03 07:19 in Propeller 1
Seems that having a public repo of the many Propeller 1 Games would be a good thing. :)

I've started it today!

As I bump into more games on this forum, I'll add them to the repo.

If anyone has content they'd be willing to share, please post the links or upload files here!
Where possible, please include a text file with wiring information and hardware requirements- or point me to a link of that info.

In a few weeks I hope there will be enough content to figure out the best structure. Once that's done, I'll ask our friends at Parallax about moving the repo to their account, and we will be able to share a sticky link back in these forums.

Edit: Maybe not just games-- feel free to share any fully working applications, and as appropriate we can figure out categories.

Reference to @Wuerfel_21 and thread:


  • Wuerfel_21Wuerfel_21 Posts: 1,951
    edited 2019-10-03 07:54
    Funnily, I already have a GitLab repo for this stuff.... Altough it's currently set as private. Contains a lot of games I ported to my board and often with my own improvements. Also most projects have a file for compiling them.

    I'll quickly finish up my current work and make it public, there's a lot of stuff in there.
    There's some stuff I've got that isn't in there because it doesn't meet my quality standards - more on that later.

    Edit: Here it is:

    I think the structure I've got going is fairly good, you might want to do something similiar (as alluded to above, my repo is specifically for my board, so stuff that isn't compatible with it won't get added)
    The example project that has all the bells and whistles (description, build script, proper organization) is Spintris:
  • Sounds excellent!
    Thank you.
  • Wuerfel_21 wrote: »
    more on that later.
    It is indeed later now and I've updated my repo with a giant wall of text explaining how I've organized it (or rather, how I want to organize it) and some other guff.

  • Wow ! There's a lot of great content there- this process deserves more thought and action!

    Now I know what I'm doing on the weekend :)
  • I've been collecting these for over a year now, so yes, there's quite a bunch.
    But there's still some that I haven't found the time to port.

    I'll probably write some more README.MDs today to procrastinate on continuing to work on my own game :smiley:
  • This is way brilliant!!!
  • I did some searching and can't seem to locate the finished code (at least I thought there was a zip on the forum) but @Dr_Acula had pacman ?working? on "the touchburger3" Dual 3.2" Touchscreen SRAM board.

    I'm pretty sure is a correct schematic, although the 2 boards I still have are the v3 with a small hw error.

    I'll have to pull the old board out and check the pacman zip to see if it was completed. Once I get the basic gui working again on the p2, pacman is next priority. With the way things have been going lately that may be 2025 or so though :lol:
  • there is this aswell:
    but links are most likely not working after all the forum changes (never got round to updating them)
  • Thanks guys.

    One of the things to achieve with this, is to have all the source and instructions in one place- rather than rely on links that can go stale.

    It's clearly going to take a bit of time to get together, but it will be worth it.

    Keep 'em coming !

  • Wuerfel_21Wuerfel_21 Posts: 1,951
    edited 2019-10-04 13:07
    @rosco_pc I've got all the games on the Wiki page, most are present in the ventilator-software repo (I've just ported Ball Buster), for the rest I've got the source code downloaded. The only exception is Manic Miner, the download is on an external site (and of course dead).
    Does anyone have the source?

    (Also, did y'all know where you can download the Hydra CD? This FTP server apparently: )
  • rosco_pcrosco_pc Posts: 420
    edited 2019-10-04 13:25
  • Good job finding it!
    I guess I'll have to hack it to use KyeFAT instead of FSRW to enable FAT32/SDHC support.
  • RaymanRayman Posts: 12,315
    edited 2019-10-04 15:54
    I did a card game for propeller 12 years ago... Now, I can't find it anywhere here... Seems to have disappeared...
    I barely remember anything about it, but I'll post it here anyway...

    Ooops… There's no actual game code... This is just the framework for card game...
    Thought I did do video blackjack though... I'll have to look some more...
  • RaymanRayman Posts: 12,315
    Ok, here's the video blackjack game.
  • So after forgetting about it for a while, I've written some more game README files. No videos for those, for I am not at my PC and my laptop is too old for NVENC.
  • Thanks for the update, and also the other posts further up from Rosco and Rayman.

    I should also reply with an update.... We had a chat about this with Parallax, and agreed it would be good to move these directly to the propeller Github. There's a subfolder there for p1 content, which will be the place the games folder ends up. I got a bit "distracted" by a couple new products in November, and decided to work on this over the Christmas holidays instead.

    Anything added to this thread will be included, and I'll post an update once we return in January.

    Big thanks everyone.

  • avsa242avsa242 Posts: 302
    edited 2019-11-30 16:06
    Haven't seen @Darryl 's NES emulator mentioned; it's here - as Baggers responded in the thread, it was one helluva first post to come out with! The source links all seem to still work.
  • Oh yes, the NES emulator. I've got to try that one, but I'll have to patch it to load from something that's not the EEPROM...
  • I write a lot of code for escape room props -- do those count as games?
  • JonnyMac wrote: »
    I write a lot of code for escape room props -- do those count as games?

    Maybe. If you are willing to share, then I'm ready to create a special category as needed. Escape Room code sounds cool.

    More generally... I'm sure any fully operational examples that demonstrate the Propeller capabilities and coding techniques would be a good thing to add to the repo.
    In the future the Obex content will migrate to GitHub too, and that will bring a really diverse set of categories.

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,808
    edited 2019-12-01 05:37
    Of course I cannot share client code, but I can share generic examples like a simple digital lock using a matrix keypad and LCD. I do a lot of those (as portions of bigger programs). I use a fair number of Parallax RFID readers in game puzzles, too.
    demonstrate the Propeller capabilities and coding techniques
    I'm pretty good at that. :lol:
  • JonnyMac wrote: »
    Of course I cannot share client code, but I can share generic examples like a simple digital lock using a matrix keypad and LCD. I do a lot of those (as portions of bigger programs). I use a fair number of Parallax RFID readers in game puzzles, too.
    demonstrate the Propeller capabilities and coding techniques
    I'm pretty good at that. :lol:

    I agree completely, Jon does wonderful readable code.

  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 13,631
    It would be neat if there was a video showing 5-10 seconds of each P1 game, just to give people an idea of what has been done.
  • I've been recording a lot of videos, but they're usually quite a bit longer than 10 seconds (I guess one could cut them down to the juicy bits).

    Also, my capture hardware really doesn't like some video drivers...
  • Ah! Werner's ( @zx81vga ) games, too...tried them all...the Sokoban one is my personal favorite - that music gets stuck in my head :lol:
    He has screenshots of his games, too.
  • The Lamestation is really neat...Brett and kuroneko both did some code for that, I think. I bought one a few years ago; It was a fun kit to put together.
    Lamestation home:
    Github code:
  • My ventilator-software repo already has some of the Lamestation stuff (with a modified LameLCD and friends for playing on a TV with a SNES gamepad. It's almost completly plug'n'play. I think the start parameters are different and you ofc need to set a fitting palette).
  • Wuerfel_21Wuerfel_21 Posts: 1,951
    edited 2020-10-17 20:50
    Being sortof done moving, I have hooked the capture thing back up and am recording more game videos now.

    Aside from my ventilator-games repostiory, I think I'll actually link all the new and existing ones in this post here (modem warning?)

    Spintris (2020 update):
    ASCII Wing:
    Space War:
    Mythic Flight:
    Ball Buster:
    Manic Miner:
    Alien Invaders:
    Frappy Bard!:
    Lamestation Maze:
    Deep Cavern:
    Dodgy Kong:
    Christmas Catch:
    Lock 'n' Chase:
    Dr. Hydra:
    Fantasy Fighter:
    Clickin' Collapser:
    Boulder Dash:
    JD Adventure:
    Hydra Rally:

    Spin Hexagon (not an archive video per se, but still)

    Also, not a game, but
    Turbulence NTSC version:
  • VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 2,490
    edited 2019-12-09 03:49
    Wow. Just Wow!

    Thank you for doing that, @Wuerfel_21

    keep 'em coming !!
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