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KISS Eval board (obsolete, no longer shipping)

ManAtWorkManAtWork Posts: 2,105
edited 2023-05-09 15:46 in Propeller 2
My KISS board is a P2 evaluation board that is kept as simple as possible (KISS = keep it simple, stupid). It can be used for standard breadboards or to be mounted on to of a custom PCB to avoid soldering of fine pitch SMT parts. I think this is ideal for prototyping or low volume "embedded" products.

If you plan to use the P2 as "self contained" computer with VGA/HDMI display there might be better solutions like Cluso's RetroBlade2.

Feature list, schematics and genral discussion, refer to this thread.

To allow for different pin header options I sell the board together with the pin headers but only with the SMT parts and the power terminal soldered. So you have to solder the pin headers by yourself. There are many different possibilities:
1. put double row pin headers on the top side. This gives 8 sockets that are pin compatible with Parallax' P2 EVAL accessory boards.
2. put single row pin headers into the outer rows on the bottom and the inner row an the top side. This configuration fits into a standard breadboard (explanation here). Even pins can be used directly on the breadboard, odd pins can be connected with Dupont wires.
3. put female headers on the bottom side
4. mix of 1..3 or anything you like

Extended version with additional SD card socket and mini USB connector for 5V power instead of screw terminals, see this picture.

How to order:
no longer available, not recommended for new designs.
If you need replacement parts please contact me offline at
800 x 1067 - 136K


  • How many boards do you think you can ship to US at the 30 price?
  • Limit is 2kg weight and 25 x 20 x 5cm volume. One PCB is 12g without and 19g with pin headers. So weight is no problem but volume. I think at least 20 would fit into the box. Next larger parcel costs €45 for up to 2kg.
  • ManAtWorkManAtWork Posts: 2,105
    edited 2021-08-04 15:07
    Current order status:
    Name	Qty	Address	Country	Payed	Shipped
    SawBrain 5	ok	USA	yes	yes
    Poul	2	ok	EU	yes	yes
    loboris1 1	ok	EU	yes	yes
    Maciek	2	ok	EU	yes	yes
    Jesse	1	ok	USA	yes	*
    doggiedoc 2	ok	USA	yes	*
    Kerry	1	ok	USA	yes	*
    Publison 2	ok	USA	yes	yes
    Teva	4	ok	Thailand yes	yes
    Kaio	1	ok	Germany	yes	yes
    Duane	1	ok	USA	yes	*
    David J. 1	ok	USA	yes	*
    Nicholas 1	ok	USA	yes	*
    D. Harding 1	ok	UK	yes	yes
    Hardwaresepp 2	ok	Germany	yes	yes
    Richard 1	ok	UK	yes	yes
    Mickster 1	ok	UK	no	no
    Octetta	1	ok	USA	no	*
    Parallax	1	ok	USA	yes	no
    rosco_pc 2	ok	EU	yes	yes
    (*) = shipped to Publison for distribution in the US

    Production status:
    132 boards produced and tested,
    72 EU stock, 16 USA stock
  • If we can get 10 orders to North America, that would break the shipping down to 3.00 each.
  • If we get enough for a combined shipment to Publison for the US I will take one.

  • Would it be possible to get a couple of these as a kit? I’d like to assemble them myself. My homemade reflow oven needs some love.

  • I'd guess yes ?
    But there will be more to it than just tossing the parts in to the oven :). I'm sure you already know that.

    Let's just wait for a MAW response.

  • I think the challenge would be good. Surely if I can replace the P2 on my EVAL board I can assemble a bare board.

    Surely. (I do enjoy a challenge.)

  • MaciekMaciek Posts: 670
    edited 2020-11-12 13:26
    If it was me, I'd hesitate to offer such a kit because the parts are tiny and you'd have to select them and pack manually and not loose any. So that would pose a challenge on the MAW side as well ;) Not so with the pick and place machine. I'm curious to see how it resolves.

    All I know is I would not be able to beat his P&P robot in precision plus I get the benefit of a tested and working board and do not have to spend time and material to build the test rig. MAW is a PRO. That's why I took 2 boards at once.
  • Maciek wrote: »
    ...and you'd have to select them and pack manually and not loose any. So that would pose a challenge on the MAW side as well ;) ....
    Good point.

  • I have plenty of bare boards left over but I'm not going to count beans, I mean I won't sell you the SMT parts. If I would the kit would cost €60 (compared to €40 for the assembled board).

    And please note that it might be cheaper to order some PCBs from JLC because shipping is expensive for me. The gerber files are in the discussion thread, feel free to use them.
  • I just checked. JLC would take only $7 for a batch of 5 (single) boards. This is much cheaper as I could sell them. Panels are more expensive, they charge an engineering fee.
  • ManAtWork wrote: »
    ...... The gerber files are in the discussion thread, feel free to use them.
    That is a good option. I’d like to compensate you some how for your efforts. How can I send you some money?

  • If you plan to sell them or otherwise use them commercially I'd like to get a share. But if you only make them for your personal use never mind.
  • I'm not much on selling, I like making stuff for the fun. Just don't want your work to go uncompensated.
  • PublisonPublison Posts: 12,366
    edited 2020-11-16 19:26

    How many potential buyers for North America do we have? I'm set up to ship 20-30 boards from Ray and Peter right now. I have all the shipping supplies, label makers and stamp machine to ship to USA and Canada.
  • Put me in for 2. That makes 5. Would like to get the bulk order up to at least 10 to save on shipping.
  • I’ll take 2 as well. How do I pay?
  • I'll take one. Just let me know who and how much to pay.
  • doggiedoc wrote: »
    I’ll take 2 as well. How do I pay?
    email sent


  • Kerry S wrote: »
    I'll take one. Just let me know who and how much to pay.
    To order please send me an email to "" with your complete postal address. I'll send you a Paypal link.
  • I worried that Maciek was the only one ordering but now we have some progress...

    I've updated the status in post #4.

    I'll ship 2 boards to Maciek. 6 are dispatched for Publison (USA) and 4 to Thailand.
  • Bad news: They say, the cheapest shipping to USA and Thailand can take more than 30 days due to the corona virus crisis. So called express shipping which can still take a week or longer would be more expensive.

    cheap (by sea): 19.90€
    express (airmail): USA 36,80€, Thailand 39,60€
  • I'll make some boards, tomorrow so that Publison has some extra stock. With the optimistic guess that at least two orders in the US will follow we could divide shipping by 6, so it's €6 for each + 1€ for ground shipping inside the USA. Is that acceptable?

    The alternative option would be to wait longer or use cheaper but unpredictable overseas shipping.
  • Sounds good to me.
  • That is fine, looking forward to getting one.

    Thank you!
  • I've just assembled 12 more boards. I'll send a batch to Publison, tomorrow.
  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 18,069
    Nice. A bit faster than my hand placement ;)
  • Update: all boards to USA are shipped to Publison
  • RaymanRayman Posts: 14,033
    Very cool pick&place machine. Thanks for video. Much nicer than my manual one :(
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