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New Robot: Parallaxy



  • NikosGNikosG Posts: 702
    edited 2018-12-07 20:19
    Roy Eltham wrote: »
    I notice that you don't have a microphone on your setup. You should also move the speaker over to the Pi instead of the Activity board. To get the full experience you'll want to have the Pi connected to a speaker and microphone.

    Roy, do you have the Raspberry Pi settings for that?
    I finally created a New robot based on Artist.... it works fine. However, I must add a microphone and set up the speaker...
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  • I drove Nikos' robot around his apartment this morning. It's looking great. With a big robot like this one, some level of collision avoidance will be helpful with the Ping))) sensors so people don't smash it into the walls. - Ken
  • Nikos,
    If you plug the speaker in to the pi, it should just use it for the text to speech from your chat channel on
    The microphone will need some editing to your start_robot file, and it depends on what microphone you get and plug in.
  • New link for my Telepresence robot: and the new name: CyberArtist
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