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Full-chip integration at On Semi



  • ErNaErNa Posts: 1,742
    Ken Gracey wrote:
    Is there such thing as an on-shore packaging company?
    Amazon. :)


    much better than mine! short, focused, hammering! LOL
  • It will be fun knowing I can driv

  • The_Master wrote: »
    Stupid question, and I may be way off base here- Why not do dicing, packaging and testing in house?

    Is it unrealistic to think this is easily withinin the realm of the various skilled people at Parallax? I mean, couldn't this equipment easily be custom built if you had to? I understand none of this is cleanroom stuff. Easier than a tortilla machine. Has this ever been considered? Or is it possible, yet just not cost effective?

    I ask because I am trying to learn about this stuff.

    Its not cost effective. The reason that everyone ships their devices overseas for packaging is exactly BECAUSE its not that hard. As such it can be farmed out to vendors that can do it for far cheaper because their labor and overhead costs are low, while being done with an acceptable level of quality.
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