HTML5 JavaScript Enabled WiFi Embedded Module for sale

I have had this module and dev board for several years and never put it to any use. I am slowly cleaning up shop and dug it out today. I charged the battery and turned it on. Still works great.

I have attached the user guide and the sample webpage that is loaded into the device for you to see. I changed the suffix to .txt from .htm as the forum wouldn't allow an upload. It has never been used in any project. Only played with the included demo. From the manufacturer it sells for $99 plus shipping. I'd entertain any reasonable offer from anyone interested. Shipping included via USPS to anywhere in the US. Any questions just ask. Send me a PM if interested.



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    I don't understand what that is. What is the processor? Speed? Memory?

    How do you develop anything for it? In C, C++ what?

    What has Javascript got to do with it?

    The front page specs don't say much. No, I'm not about to read the rest.
  • I don't know what processor it uses. You don't program the processor. It appears as a usb memory stick when you plug it into your PC. You create HTML / JavaScript code to make a webpage that is served by this device. It acts as an access point that you pair up with any WiFi device such as PC or phone and go to its URL and then the code you created will run in your browser. You can read ADC channels, turn pins on/off, etc.
  • Interesting idea.
  • Not a bad little gadget but I think the xbee wifi cloud kit is a little better. I was reading the handheld scientific data sheet and it looks I can't use my iPad etc. But if it's priced to sell it might be a great choice for the hobbyist. Are you going to put it on eBay
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