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$9 Computer includes OS



  • K2K2 Posts: 691
    Heater. wrote: »
    How to you base meaningful decisions on the moment-by-moment status of a favor?
    Perhaps you don't. No more than you base meaningful decisions on those special offers at the supermarket.
    Call me a crass consumer, but if eggs are on a special sale, I pick up three or four dozen extra. If toothpaste is on sale, I buy three boxes instead of one. If an SBC is selling at a fabulous price, I get several... Unless it's a Pi Zero. :(

    The Orange Pi 2G_IOT was released yesterday. At AliExpress today, one has the opportunity to order any quantity up to the 1812 units they have in stock at the moment. People may knock crass commercialism, but but it's a lot more useful than fickle favor.

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