P2D2 - An open hardware reference design for the P2 CPU



  • We all are waiting for Peter so send the initial results of his placing components to the right place. But as Peter is well known as a perfectionist, he needs to double check everything, so no cap or resistor is missed and they all are in place. Finally he needs a certificate by his government and as he missed that, he had to recount every single component manually and he also had to check that all the values are printed correctly, then to double check them with a multimeter, what sometimes could only be done by cutting traces, which have to be checked when repaired and in the end he asked some people in the neighborhood to give him a final certification as those neighbors know, that Peter is a guy, you can rely on. After all this done he will finally concede to have his work done and send the board out to the world. If the G20 leaders agree, as there is some rumor that the P2 will spread like a pandemic and that makes some nervous.
    Fingers crossed, the P2D2 +++ will be available at cristmas time.
  • I'd rather have the board right than fast. You rarely can have both. I'm speaking from my own experience only.
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