Public games repo - Call for code!

VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 2,143
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Seems that having a public repo of the many Propeller 1 Games would be a good thing. :)

I've started it today!

As I bump into more games on this forum, I'll add them to the repo.

If anyone has content they'd be willing to share, please post the links or upload files here!
Where possible, please include a text file with wiring information and hardware requirements- or point me to a link of that info.

In a few weeks I hope there will be enough content to figure out the best structure. Once that's done, I'll ask our friends at Parallax about moving the repo to their account, and we will be able to share a sticky link back in these forums.

Edit: Maybe not just games-- feel free to share any fully working applications, and as appropriate we can figure out categories.

Reference to @Wuerfel_21 and thread:


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