Acrylic enclosures for P2 EVAL - Available now



  • Cool! I am too. Ikea... some assembly gonna be required.

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    Roy Eltham wrote: »
    potatohead, I have a "few" PPDBs. Snapped a couple up when they were deep discounted at end of life. I also have both of Mountain King's PPDB enclosures (the normal one and the one with room for the propscope under).
    I'll get you a pic later tonight, dealing with some xmas stuff right now.

    lucky you. I have just one and LOVE it. Not that I use all of it components, mostly I build my own stuff on it for testing.

    But it just looks cool. Honestly. And you have everything there for a short test what is going on in your program.

    Since you mentioned "a few", would you be willing to part with one of them? You know just in case I make a bad mistake with mine?

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  • Pictures of the PPDB + Propscope enclosure:

    I'm not sure I would sell any of my PPDB's. I have multiple different things in progress at any given time, so I use a different one for each.
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    Those are nice Roy. If I were you, I would not sell. They are just great boards.

    Maybe we can get a respin on them, or just another run as they were last made.

    Just put my P2 enclosure together. Had to escape the little ones for a while, lol. Gonna fire it up before I get found.

    Great job on this kit. It is Ace! Went together easily. Love it. Thank you.

    Edit: I got the "could add fan" edition and I am glad I did. In the pictures, it looked too thick. But, when assembled and in hand, on desk, it is just fine. Thinner would have been less desirable to me. Nice when that happens.

    I happen to have some fans that will fit right in, should doing that make sense.
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  • I was a bit late on ordering this enclosure, thanks for shipping between the holidays!

    It went together awesome.

    Maybe I can get the Parallax crew to sign it for me whenever we have the P2 Expo :smile:
  • I have received the enclosure - it truly is a work of art and functionality. Good job and thank you!


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  • @W9GFO

    Are the newest enclosures for the second eval board available?
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  • Oh wow! I had no idea these existed. Thanks Pilot0315 for bumping this up. I want one too. Overclockers version.
  • Yes, they will be available soon. I have been dragging my feet on this because I have been working on another project. The design is ready, I just need to spend some time with the laser cutter and getting things together to put up on etsy.

    I will probably start a new thread for the new enclosures.
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