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KISS Eval board, ready to ship (taking orders)



  • Received mine yesterday, very nicely done board! Thank you all for making and distributing these.
  • The KISS board is what it is and, in my experience with this board, I can tell you it is a VERY FLEXIBLE, well made and versatile board. I can't imagine a board that would suit all needs and even if there was one, there are many ways to satisfy a single need.

    But I'm biased. I do not use breadboards. I used to, but not any more.
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    David Betz wrote: »
    Publison wrote: »
    David Betz wrote: »
    It looks like there are double rows of pins on each side of the module. Is it possible to use it with a breadboard and still have access to adjacent pins or would you only be able to use every other pin?
    So unless you want to alternate between breadboard connections and jumper wires it looks like you can only use every other pin. Does anyone make a module that is designed for a breadboard with adjacent pins available on the breadboard?
    My RetroBlade2 supports sequential pins (just solder the male headers on the underside).

    If you use the cheapo 170 pin breadboards you can connect 3 of these - one on the left edge for GND & P00-P15, one on the bottom edge for P16-31, and one on the right edge for P32-47 & GND.

    If you use the ones with power and gnd rails, then they are slightly longer so the bottom edge will not fit into another breadboard. So you can add a breadboard on the left edge for GND, 5V 3V3, GND & P00-15 and on the right edge for P32-47 & GND, 3V3, 5V, GND.

    Or you can solder directly into Peter's microMAT prototyping board.
  • Please move the discussion about pinout to that thread. This one is for orders and dsicussion about shipping.
  • Now it's official, the UK has left the EU. My favorite shipping carrier (Hermes) for small parcels no longer offers shipping to UK. :( DHL is some € more expensive and I have to fill out a customs declaration form. A few days earlier it still worked without.
  • @ManAtWork

    Ah well. If I owe you more money please let me know

  • Update: Unfortunatelly there is some trouble with shipping. The parcel to Teva in Thailand seems to be lost. I filed a insurance case but this takes time. I have refunded the money via Paypal. There are also problems shipping to the UK. I'm trying to find a solution.

    My stock here in Europe is sold out at the moment since I had to reserve some boards for my own projects. If there is demand I can produce some more.

    There is still stock available in the USA (Publison).
  • Hi

    Just received mine here in UK.
    Looks very professional.
    Haven't tried it yet but thanks for making these available in europe.

  • It is not just looking very professional :smile: .

    Just try it out. You're going to love it.
  • @ManAtWork if you can get one of these to me I can feature it on the Parallax site.

    Ken Gracey
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    Ken Gracey wrote: »
    @ManAtWork if you can get one of these to me I can feature it on the Parallax site.

    Ken Gracey

    Ken, I still have 8 left in US stock. I'll send you one of mine.
  • This is a great honour to me. But I'm not sure if I want too much advertising for my board. At the beginning, it was meant as temporary gap-filler because the P2 edge and eval boards from other forum members were still not available. I know, there may be cases where the KISS board is easier to use because it doesn't need any special adaptors or connectors. But I don't want to compete with Parallax products neither am I very good as a dealer.

    But if you think it helps promoting the P2 I'd be glad to give any support I can. Unfortunatelly, my stepper driver project (based on the KISS board) is still far away from anytrhing that can be presented.

  • Humble Man At Work.

    Thank you for the KISS board. It certainly is (to me) much, much more than just a gap-filler.
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    Ken assured me a long time ago Parallax sees other boards as helping gain attraction to the cause and openly supports them. And, Parallax still gets to sell chips. Your KISS board is a great addition to the mix :smile:
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