Open Propeller Project #6: Open Source Verilog for Propeller 1



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    I just ran across this board:

    It might be an interesting target for P1V. It's supposedly only $13. The FPGA is from a Chinese company Anlogic and I believe that they are located in Shanghai. I only mention this because some documentation and tools might not yet be translated.

    The main Chinese player in FPGA is Gowin, and they announced a FPGA very similar....

    this may be a re-badge of that ? (or even the illusion of a second source)
    The DRAM included on the Gowin Arora parts is certainly appealing...

    Imagine P1V and some smart pins... :)
  • well, the smart pins are not complete on the FPGA of the P2, so I think they are way to analog to get done in Verilog.

    And since the P2 is now silicon I do not see any need for a 8 COG P1 with 32K RAM vs a 8 COG P2 with 512K RAM to use Smart Pins.

    And a P2 might be cheaper as a comparable FPGA.

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