Video overlay / mixing separate video signals

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Here is something I want to try.

I have a small video camera (outputing regular color composite video) that I can install on a robot/vehicle/wall/whatever. I would like to use the Prop's composite video output to overlay some numeric/textual information over the video that the camera outputs. Like time, heading, altitude, etc.

1) is this even possible? I suspect there will be some challenges involving lining up the video synchronization.

2) what would be the basic concepts of operation? Would I have to isolate the sync signal from the camera, inject it into the prop, then muddle around with the prop TV driver? or is it something more fundamental? or perhaps simpler? I am only vaguely familiar with how a TV signal is put together. Thankfully, I just bought a PropScope and have been spending hours dissecting various signals :) Thanks to Parallax for putting Propscope on the daily deal last week!

3) What external circuitry would be required? Could it be built out of parts from a very well stocked parts bin, or would I have to buy some specialized hardware?

Thanks in advance



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