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Forum update progress report



  • evanhevanh Posts: 15,290

    Aggh!! How are we meant to comment piecemeal on quoted posts? All I seem to be able to do is quote it all or none?

  • evanhevanh Posts: 15,290

    This is terrible!

  • evanhevanh Posts: 15,290

    I have no avatar. I found the menu by clicking in blank space the general area you indicated.

  • You don't.... Something tells me the guys who create the forum software don't actually use it themselves.

    Eitherhow, you can sortof quote little bits by pasting them in and setting the paragraph type to quote

    This is terrible

    indeed it is.

  • evanhevanh Posts: 15,290

    Oh, I also have the Gravatar site blocked. It uses tracking scripts. So any default icons won't be fetched from there for me.

  • Would it be possible for Mark All Viewed to force a page refresh?


  • No idea why Gravatar was used when Vanilla forum has local icons it could use as default avatars. Maybe gravatar ones are prettier? Dunno!

    We could just try disabling Gravatar if that's going to improve user comfort.

  • So I just had the editor start hanging for many many seconds at a time as I was typing a reply to the Stepper motor project thread in the P2 forum. It wasn't especially long, but it was the first time it happened to me since the new update went in.

    Is it possible it was something about what I was typing maybe?

    It hung the whole site, and Chrome would pop up a dialog asking if I wanted to wait or exit the page, like the code was stuck in some long process and not responding.

  • Here's another one: I can't type into the editor on my phone (LG G5, Android, Firefox) at all, the keyboard just won' come up. Vivaldi on the same phone is fine.

  • The forum shouldn't use Gravatar in the 1st place!

    I'm blocking it too, but that's only the 2nd best solution.

  • OK. will try disabling Gravatar. Some users who have not uploaded a custom avatar will get a new one.

    Might have found a plugin for quoting inline too... If it works I'll active it. No guarantees it will be supported in the future, but whilst the plugin authors keep it up-to-date, then happy to active it here.

    This may only happen toward /over the weekend.

  • How about an option to view recent discussions and it only shows threads that you haven’t read, similar to the Recent Discussions item but it only shows the threads with entries you haven’t read yet. This kind of goes along with my suggestion of highlighting a Thread with posts you haven’t read yet, make it easier to locate new postings without having to scroll through all the threads looking for threads that are new.

    Thanks. I’m getting used to the new format and I appreciate the effort you are putting into making it work for everyone.

  • This kind of goes along with my suggestion of highlighting a Thread with posts you haven’t read yet

    Well, the threads are white to begin with, so you can't really highlight the unread ones in a way that wouldn't look a bit strange. You can dim the read ones though. I think I already posted something similar, but this is the style I have added locally to accomplish that. I think this is quite important.

    .Item.Read {
        opacity: 0.75 !important;
    .Item.Read .Title {
        color: #577193 !important;
  • Fading won't suit all eyes, but I will add some sort of highlighting.

    Maybe a thicker border. Will experiment a bit.

  • Oh and another thing: Something's afoot with uploading JPEGs.

    (Ignore this file, it belongs to the "Rich editor file upload" part)

    Drag-and-fropping the image in: Image lossily recompressed (~7.6 MB -> 5.5 MB)

    Rich editor file upload: Not recompressed, ends up in unexpected place in the post with no way to move it. Doesn't display inline.

    Ye olde file upload plugin, copying the thumbnail URL and removing the "thumnails/": Lossily recompressed, but apparently at higher quality? (~7.6 MB -> 10.8 MB).

    Also, the box where you can enter alt text is super duper broken, you can't paste into it.

    5304 x 2980 - 8M
  • Wuerfel_21Wuerfel_21 Posts: 4,628
    edited 2021-01-27 14:22

    Yeah, I guess. Chromium dev tools thinks the contrast is okay, but I fear that doesn't take opacity into account.

    Eitherhow, this is 120% as cool, anyways. (maybe a bit too highlighted)

    .Item.Unread {
        box-shadow: 0 2px 8px 0 rgba(0,0,255,0.5);
    .Item.Unread .Title {
        color: #416fac ;

  • Looks like your image files are larger than the default allowed (in terms of dims, filesize, or both). The upload is trying to compress/reduce the sizes.

    What would you deem a reasonable file size limit ?

  • That depends entirely on you hosting setup, I think, but 8 to 12 MB seem like decent values. 8 MB is the limit in Discord, so when I compress files, 8 MB is generally my target. Anyways, JPEG recompression itself is not a huge issue. The main cause of quality loss on the photo above actually has to do with the re-compression converting the image from 4:4:4 to 4:2:0.

    An issue would be it if it touched PNGs, so let's try some.

    1900x1900 of hardly compressible garbo : losslessly recompressed (8.2 MB -> 7.9 MB). Fair enough. Took a long time to do it though (high server load?)

    7680x4320, highly compressible: losslessly recompressed (3.0 MB -> 1.6 MB). What?

    PNG with steganographic message : G O N K E D. Fair enough, I guess

    Small PNG with 8bpp palette: semi-losslessly recompressed (1.2 KB -> 1.4 KB), palette lost. Would be good if it could display small images larger, but not too important and IDK how to do that properly (properly meaning only scaling to integer multiples).

    Relatedly, there used to be a problem where GIFs wouldn't animate, wonder if that works now... Nope, still broken.

  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 23,514
    edited 2021-01-27 20:20

    Wow! I really like the box that's added to links to commercial websites that automatically include information about the company.


  • Yes, embedded links are enabled at the moment.... Although I can't quite decide if you are for or against the feature?

  • Definitely for!


  • Oh and another thing: font in inline code is a bit too small and I can't see my cursor when typing in an inline code block

    The font size thing is because the font-size property for .userContent code isn't !important (whereas the one for code blocks,.userContent pre , is)

    No idea about the hidden cursor though.

    Unrelatedly, if I, say, bolden some text and continue typing afterwards, is there some way to stop typing in bold without typing first and then un-bolding what shouldn't be bold?

  • Can you make the quote box wide as the post's text box ? It is small and at the center and I continually ask myself what's that ? Looks like a notification of some kind...

    And this editor is really slow... nearly unusable.

  • Interesting, I've not experienced any slowness on my side, so while it seems many are experiencing performance issues, not all are. Might or might not help in troubleshooting the issue. Writing this on a 4 year old Win10 laptop with latest Win10 and Chrome versions, Internet-connection around 250 Mbps. Reading the forum on other devices (also mobile such) in the household seems similar snappy, have not tried creating or editing posts on them though.

    Edit: When the post is autosaving, there's 2-4 seconds delay.

  • evanhevanh Posts: 15,290

    I've found myself checking in and being disappointed to see the forums not yet reverted back to the previous software.

  • And this editor is really slow... nearly unusable.

    Interesting, I've not experienced any slowness on my side,

    I also have severe problems with the editor slowing down. It seems to be OK if the text is short and there's no quote and code block. But for longer text with many code or quote blocks it gets terribly slow. I have to type the text externally and use copy/paste. Sometimes it helps closing the whole page and return later. If you're lucky the draft was saved and pops up, again.

  • Is there some documentation on how to enter comments or a play ground so I can at least try things out...


  • VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 3,306
    edited 2021-01-28 12:56

    To confirm- the forum will not be returning to the old software. It reached EOL and had to be changed along with a wider system upgrade. The old system is not compatible with the new. Nothing I can do about that- just working with the tools I'm given and trying to do the best for everyone.

    There are a few things I will seek to improve over the coming days. I would have liked to have completed them by now, but technical reasons put a pause on things.

    I will continue to post here with progress details as things are completed, and hope to carve out some time this weekend to resolve the items remaining on my "hit list" from post #93 of this thread.

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