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Word Glossary for Tachyon NEON V5 — Parallax Forums

Word Glossary for Tachyon NEON V5

bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 335
edited 2022-09-29 09:31 in Forth
This is where to come for the current Word Glossary for Tachyon 5v7, an EEPROM resident forth system on the Parallax Propeller 1. When coding, it's suggested to keep the .pdf glossary open on your screen next to the terminal and use the bookmarks to jump to the various sections. e.g. Maths, Stack, Memory etc. The CTRL F shortcut is good for finding individual words.
The glossary is now at version 1.6 and was written in LibreOffice Writer (the .odt file is the original doc). All the public words are at the front, all the private words (internal words useful only within a code module) are at the back. For most programmers, the public words are all you need. If you spot any issues, would like changes or have some additions, this discussion is the place to tell us. The glossary will get up-issued to fill in any gaps as more is learnt about Tachyon. I've enjoyed overhauling the glossary - and it's good to contribute something back to the Tachyon community.
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Bob Edwards, ham radio operator and constructor G4BBY, SW U.K.


  • Would be great to have a link to Tachyon NEON v5 also in the top post.

    Thanks for putting this together!
  • Peter JakackiPeter Jakacki Posts: 10,193
    edited 2020-10-05 02:17
    Hi Bob,

    I've created multiple Google documents to make this easier to update and keep up-to-date. While the office document is easier to work with on the PC, it doesn't lend itself to viewing on a mobile device. Large google docs tend to be slow so what I've done is factored out all the extra stuff into other documents that are linked to in the main glossary. But there's also a lot of stuff that is not right at all for V5 since this glossary was borrowed from older bytecode versions, so I am in the process of fixing that up.

    I'm finding that this smaller glossary is ideal for the beginner and the links to the sub-documents are all that we need. In which case we can link to documents dedicated to examples and demos etc. In which case the glossary becomes more of a user manual.

    Tachyon Forth V5 Glossary (EDIT VERSION)

    non-editable pubdoc version
  • What sections are obsolete? Do you mean the cog ram variables, which I haven't touched so far?
  • bob_g4bby wrote: »
    What sections are obsolete? Do you mean the cog ram variables, which I haven't touched so far?

    I was reading the dictionary description that I had originally written some time back and it was talking about the msb of the attribute being set etc which was the case in previous versions. In fact the document that this glossary was based on I created back in 2014 and there have been a lot of changes. So there was that section and I also started checking right from the start with V5 running on a board. So I'm slowly going through each word and fixing up any discrepancies such as duplicates and non-existing words. I'm putting this into a google doc so that it's easier to collaborate on, but that does not prevent it from being recombined into an office document and pdf either.

    So I'm trying to fix things up on my end and treating these online documents as a convenience if need be although they are convenient on my phone I notice.

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 335
    edited 2020-10-05 17:34
    That sounds good. The new glossary is pretty close to the output of 'WORD', I looked for both new words and obsolete words in two passes, which is why it took a little while. Then I did a third pass to add pub/pri/pre column. I have removed some duplicates and you may find more. At least i've done all the donkey work on it, which makes it much less a chore to add the recent detail. I'll update my office doc late this year, I think. I'm back to my SI5351 driver, on which I had writer's block! I've also ordered a couple of esp8266 to try out.
  • Hi, Bob,
    thank you for your work here! And thank you, for bringing this into foreground!

    There is :=! in your document. In my opinion, the version in extend.fth does not work.


  • Hi Christof,
    You are very welcome - I hope the glossaries have encouraged people to try out Tachyon and Taqoz.

    Concerning :=! just check this and see if it works for you (there's a similar example in the glossary in the :=! comment field):-

    1. Make a constant like this : MYCONST 5 ;
    2. Check it works MYCONST . --- 5 ok
    3. Change its value 3 ' MYCONST :=!
    4. Recheck it works MYCONST . --- 3 ok

    Constants made with the := word cannot be changed in this way! Not the best syntax as := and :=! seem to be a set but aren't.
    Cheers, Bob

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