Sorting Haribo Candy for an Ad Campaign

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I was contacted in March (2019) to build one of my candy sorting machines for the Haribo candy company for an ad campaign in Paris, France. (My old username was Egenriether but when the site migrated I was unable to get my old username back.) I originally invented a Skittles sorter with a BS2 that due to some web popularity got Haribo to contact me 8 years after that project. Better late than never! I made the machine in a couple months and delivered it personally to Paris and took part in the filming of the campaign.

The campaign was basically this: A machine will sort 200 jellybeans of 6 different colors live everyday on social platforms. By participating on FB or Twitter you got a digital "ticket". This ticket had 6 numbers that corresponded to 6 colors of candy. If you got 4, 5, or 6 numbers correct you won tons of candy. The campaign turned out to be a huge success (both from a technical standpoint and commercially as well).

So I created this machine with a PropStick, the TAOS color sensor from PhiPi available on Parallax's website, and 3 Hitec servos. It's made of HDPE, PVC, acrylic and a machinable epoxy that I use on lots of projects.

Here is a video of the actual machine (youtube video posting function not working on post editor):

Here is the write-up on my website:

To see some of the videos from this campaign look here:


-Brian Egenriether


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