New Retro-Game PROPICE v1.0

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Hello Propellerfriends,

i have a new Game for the Propeller :lol:


Inspired by EIS from Klaus Weber 1983 for the EACA Colour Genie EG2000



Here to find:

Also available for the P8X Game Sytem

Have Fun...

Greetings from Nuremberg



  • As always, thank you for you brilliant contributions!
  • seems interesting. Any chance of an NTSC version from you? (I don't have a VGA monitor hooked up right now and I don't want to crawl under my desk to borrow one)
    If not, I may have to make one myself :smile:
  • @Wuerfel_21

    Sorry, I have no NTSC/PAL Device...

    I think the Maximum for NTSC is 320x224 Pixel? Colours?

    I think it's possible to change the Resolution to 320x224, but i can not test it.

    Greetings from Nuremberg.

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    240 lines is the maximum resolution for non-interlaced/double-strike NTSC, but some devices cut off a couple lines either side. The color codes are different (6 bit RGB vs. some HSL-like colorspace) but still only one byte

    EDIT: I've commented out some graphics code and all the EEPROM access and i'm getting some music and noises :smile:
    EDIT2: Today really isn't a day for video driver writing, it seems. can't get anything to work. May need to catch some sleep.
  • Here we go, I made an NTSC/PAL60 version. Also patched in some (S)NES gamepad controls. Highscores are busted though.S7300302.JPG
    3072 x 2304 - 3M
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    Good Work!

    Why do you remove the EEPROM-Access?
    It's only for the Highscores.

    Hint: Press F1 to toggle Music On/Off :lol:


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    I removed the EEPROM access because it would mess up the "operating system" (if you can call it that), which lives in EEPROM. I don't think there's enough space to add an SD card driver for the highscores...
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    What do you mean with "mess up"?

    The Highscores are stored in the EEPROM from $7F00 - $7F7F = 128 Bytes

    In The Original Setup i have 1688 Longs free!
    The Program can't touch $7F00 - $7F7F!!!

    No Need for an SD-Card for 128 Bytes!!!



    I added "FSRW" with "SAVE_SPI.SPIN" and have 222 Long's free.
    that's more than 128 Bytes!
    But i need a 9. Cog
  • Yeah, but I never write any programs to EEPROM. Instead I put them all on an SD card and have the program that is stored in the EEPROM load them from there. So when some program writes to the EEPROM, it overwrites some part of the operating system (altough I think $7F00 - $7F7F are unused with the version I currently use)

    Also, if you need some space at the end of RAM, you should set the _STACK and _FREE constants to indicate it.
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    Every Game from me has now a "NO EEPROM" Version.
    for Users of VentilatorOS, PropDOS, Spinix, Sphinx, KyeDOS etc.

    Also every Game has F12 to Reboot.

    PROPTRIS 1.3
    SOKOBAN 1.3
    CONNECT4 1.2
    IMPACT 1.2
    PROPICE 1.1
    PROPMIND 1.1

    Greetings from Nuremberg

  • Cool!

    I'll take a look later today.
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