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Push Button Test Board and Basic Stamp 1

Same routine as LED Output board.

1 Figure out which way 10 pin IDC connector is oriented.

2 Test it

Here's link to the board. Will post picture of board.



  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
    edited 2018-04-10 18:57
    Figured out board is built to be active low

    Here's the code forum member Tom contributed to test the board.
    PB0       PIN    0
    Pushed    CON   0
    IF PB0 = Pushed THEN
  • davejamesdavejames Posts: 4,031
    edited 2018-04-10 19:52

    You might give a look at the "BUTTON" command in the Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual on pages 137 - 140.

    It comes in handy if you wish to debounce the switch.

    Also, page 139 has a sample program for the BS1.

  • Debounce!!!??

    Ooh! Make it go away!

    One tutorial for micro's Stamps are made from had big section on debouncing.

    It was nightmarish.Fortunately we are using a different book now.

    That other tutorial was college level.

    Current one just covers 'most' aspects of that micro and then you're ready to go fumble around on your own.

    Sort of equivalent to doing What's a Microcontroller all the way through.

    Not too light. Not too heavy.
  • If you are using a BS1, I think you have to use BASIC 1.0, which, I think, doesn't support PIN.
  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
    edited 2018-04-10 20:56
    Yes.That's right.

    If you click on Pbasic 2 or 2.5 AND Stamp 1 it throws an error message.

    Been using PINS.

    Do we need PIN for something?

    Oh.I see.The Tom Crawford code.

    No worries.We can jump over to Stamp 2 board.

    Long as it tests for logic 0 on a pin.

  • microcontrolleruser,

    PIN is only supported by PBASIC 2.5 which the BS2 uses.

    I think the BS1 uses SYMBOL.

  • Thanks.

    Will sidestep that added process.

    Use Tom code with Stamp2 BOE.

    Took Stamp2 module off of breadboard and back onto BOE.

    Testing it now.

    9v battery is a good idea.Reduces cable clutter.

  • It identified good.

    Warning! Side project.

    Let me test Stamp 1 project board with Startech Serial to USB and Parallax one.

    This BOE showed yes Loopback and Echo.

    I think the Startech was zero on both.See if Parallax is better.

  • Okay. Startech show no loopback and no echo.

    Let's see what Parallax USB to serial does.

  • Okay.Parallax is no loopback and no echo.

    Maybe it's the board.

    It programs and debugs with terminal okay
  • Okay.Parallax is no loopback and no echo.

    Maybe it's the board.

    It programs and debugs with terminal okay

    See Table 3.5 in the BigYellowBook.

  • What is the Big Yellow Book?

    Can you say why the Stamp 1 project board shows Loopback no and Echo no?

  • Thank you Publison

    Never heard it called that before.

    Will take a look.
  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
    edited 2018-04-17 23:30

    First order of business is to figure out pinout on push button board 10pin IDC socket.

    Probably upside down from the diagram like the LED board.

    It does have a lug on socket to orient cable but we're not using a cable.Using jumpers into it.

    Will work on code in a bit.

  • Push button experiment in 'What's a Microcontroller'.

    Nice 'build up' approach.

    Tests circuit electronically only without code.

    First code is debug pin routine.

    Then adds decision code to light LED out other pin.

    Nice tutorial.
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