Robot Arm and Control Software in VB



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    hello, i will develop a project for school this semester and im interested in how you comunicated to your pc and used VB for your project. could you send me a copy of your Bstamp and VB codes?
    Thank you very much

    Best Regards

    Manuel C. Reinhard
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    hi..i'm interested in your robotic arm control software..can you send me a copy please..I'll appreciate it..thanks..:smile:
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    Interesting. I just built my first robotic arm. Can't beat Lynxmotiom servo erector set parts. Got a bunch from Ebay. I may also be interestted in your program. Just starting. I found you need 2 heavy duty servos with metal gears for the shoulder and elbow. Also using 2 medium power servos for the wrist and gripper. The mini servos can't pick up anything.I left the turrent off because I plan to mount it to a robot. You can contact me at

    Robotic arm.jpg
    1024 x 768 - 102K
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    hi my name is Abraham, pls am interested in your visual basic roobotic program, pls send it to my inbox
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    i am very interested in your program.
    its very useful.
    could i please get a copy of your program?

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  • did you notice that this thread is about 10 years old?
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    Yeah. It's creepy. Like opening a catacomb.

    It's also one of the weirdest threads. A guy says he has some Visual BASIC program. And then dozens of people request copies via email. Is that how we used to distribute software back in the day?

    Anyway, I was scratching my head over the the stepper driver schematic shown in a post above

    I mean, it seems to connect V+ to everything else via a bunch or reversed bias diodes. Not only that, there are short circuits around coils A and C. I don't see how it can actually do anything.

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