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Stamps in Class "Mini Projects"

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The Stamps in Class Program introduces microcontroller programming and electronics side-by-side using the BASIC Stamp 2 and Board of Education or HomeWork Board. Each tutorial in the series contains a set of hands-on, do-it-yourself,activities featuring a theme such as inventions, robotics, sensors or process control.

As a supplement to our Stamps in Class texts, this page provies an instructional bank of additional classroom projects. Designed to help engage students with relatable projects, each "Mini Project" contains full source code, "How it Works" explanations, schematics, and wiring diagrams. In order to promote self-study, many projects are accompanied with an introductory video highlighting the important aspects of the project.

The Stamps in Class texts that are prerequisites to many of the Mini Projects are available for PDF download. To see the whole series, click on the Stamps in Class Program Overview link at, click on a book to go to that kit's product page where you will find the PDF under the Downloads & Resources heading at the bottom of the page.

Happy Developing!

Boe-Bot Robot

Keyboard Controlled Boe-Bot Robot
Better Boe-Bot IR Distance Measurements
Boe-Bot Robot Corridor Navigation (Coming soon...)
Flame Seeking Boe-Bot Robot
More Light Sensing Activities

Boe-Bot + Ping))) Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Ping)))Dar - a Radar Style Display
Scan for and Go to Closest Object

Boe-Bot + Accelerometer

Boe-Bot® Robot Navigation with Accelerometer Incline Sensing
A Tilt Radio Controller for Your Boe-Bot

Boe-Bot + QTI

How to - Boe-Bot Line Following with 4 QTI Sensors (Recommended)
How to - Boe-Bot Line Following with 3 QTI Sensors
Boe-Bot Maze Navigation with QTIs

Boe-Bot + Bluetooth

How to - Boe-Bot Robot with Easy Bluetooth Module
How to - Boe-Bot Robot with eb500 Bluetooth Tranasceiver Module (Discontinued)

Additional What's a Microcontroller Projects

A Bi-Color LED Memory Game
Build Your Own Mini Timer
Playing Sheet Music with the Piezospeaker

Additional Smart Sensors Projects

Build Your Own Door Alarm

Just for Fun

Magic BS2 BoardChristmas Caroling Device with Light Display


The Basics of Breadboarding
How to Wire Circuits from Schematics
How to - Amplifying a Piezo Speaker and Volume Control

RF Communication

Wireless Musical Keyboard


PID Control Intro with the BASIC Stamp

The following activities can also be found in Smart Sensors and Applications.


How to - Accelerometer (1) Fundamentals and Tilt Measurement
How to - Accelerometer (2) Tilt, Display Graphics, and Video Games
Duty Cycle for More Reliable Accelerometer Measurements
Accelerometer on RC Car

Ping)))(TM) Ultrasonic Detector

Detect Distance with the Ping)))(TM) Ultrasonic Detector

Parallax Serial LCD

Getting Started with the Parallax Serial LCD


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    hey it would be great if u could do a mini project on the colourPAL and sow us how to use the colourPAL to identify a certain colour and have that trigger something like a servo or LED for example
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