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Where do Propeller 1 and/or 2 fit in your projects? - Page 2 — Parallax Forums

Where do Propeller 1 and/or 2 fit in your projects?



  • @Mickster said:
    I love it :+1:
    We don't just throw our hands up with an "oh well, we're screwed", we get creative and find alternative solutions :+1: Don't suppose you have pics of that battery bank, keeping the mill alive?
    Edit: Guessing Kearney Trecker?


    Don't have any pics.. it was just a bunch (8? from my memory) of large SLA stacked like bricks in the bottom of the control cab. (Series-parallel 24V) It was a big Mitsubishi mill, I would guess that x axis was 20 feet or so. no cameras allowed in plant. I was told that that there was full 24V backup so that it would power up in a known state so nothing ran away... There was a large face mill installed when I got there.. it was spin welded to an angle plate.
    The next mill down the line had a weird AB control. it took 4 hours on the phone before AB would admit they made it, and another day before they found someone who knew the order to load all the files from the tapes...

    They had done a weekend of switchgear cleaning without double checking all the backup batts in the plant. oops.

  • I really can't wait to play with this:

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