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Animatronic Eyes

A couple of years ago I was looking for animatronic eye assemblies for a playtime project, then Covid hit and the idea got shelved.

I've now returned to the idea but cannot, for the life of me, find anyone selling the assemblies.

I can find plenty of files to 3D print your own but I don't own, and can't justify, a decent 3D printer setup. And plenty at $$$$ prices, but nothing more reasonably priced. I'm looking to pay around $100 - $150.

Does anyone have any leads?


  • Have you done a search on Etsy?

  • Can't help with the hardware but I like this guy's approach to motion control:

  • @JonnyMac said:
    Have you done a search on Etsy?

    Hi Jon,
    it might be because I'm in the UK, and some sellers don't ship here, but other than 3D print files I didn't find anything. I'll try a few more search terms.

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 8,973
    edited 2022-12-31 15:50

    Another thing to consider is 3D print services that would be available in the UK. This may be a good solution as professional shops tend to maintain tighter tolerances on their professional printers. Even companies like are offering 3D services. I normally get PCBs from them, but over the summer ordered a machined aluminum piece for a friend's Star Wars cosplay. They're doing 3D printing now, too.

    I suggest you find an eye project that is well documented and use their 3D files with a service. This one looks pretty good.

    The project includes YouTube videos. Of course, his processor is the Arduino Uno, so you'll have to convert code. Where he's using an external PWM board, you can use a cog in the Propeller. A good friend of mine uses the attached P1 servo driver in his work building robots and animatronics for the new Star Wars TV shows. The driver will control 8 servos in a cog and allows independent speed control by servo (I really need to port this to the P2....)

  • @JonnyMac said:
    Another thing to consider is 3D print services that would be available in the UK. ...

    I hadn't thought of that, thanks Jon.

  • JLCPCB offer the same. Couple of vids on YouTube and the quality seems to be there 😎

  • Thanks for the steers. Time to look into 3rd party 3D printing.

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