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  • rosco_pcrosco_pc Posts: 434
    edited 2022-10-30 18:38

    You can also simply use:
    paste the link to the folder you want to download and it will create a zip file, e.g MEMS Sensor Model

    The UTF issue had been reported quite some time ago already:
    (the repo linked there for testing is no longer available though)

  • RossHRossH Posts: 4,920

    @"Tracy Allen" said:
    I do like the idea of a more accessible, transparent code repository. I'd get back into it. GIT may be great, but my simple mind doesn't get it.

    Can I put in another vote for a non-Git solution? I have used lots of different code management systems over the years (and I do grit my teeth and use Git when I have no alternative) but Git has to be the most complex and least intuitive code management system I have ever encountered. It is apparently true that the Git source code refers to itself as "the information manager from hell".

    I should hasten to add that this is not entirely Git's fault - it was designed to solve a very specific problem that we simply don't have - i.e. to manage very large numbers of users managing a very large numbers of potentially conflicting code changes and all wanting to commit those changes at the same time. It was apparently written initially to manage Linux kernel code.

    Much as Parallax might want to think otherwise, no Propeller code repository is ever going to need that level of complexity, or be required to support that size of developer base. This is very much a case where the KISS principle should apply.


  • evanhevanh Posts: 13,852
    edited 2022-10-31 00:09

    It's fair to say Git is not intended as a repository of finished code, even Linux. If you're not using it for actual development then it's the wrong tool.

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 346
    edited 2022-10-31 12:19

    I steered clear of Git and Github until recently, when I started contributing to an ESP32forth repository. Rather than having to learn the Git command lines, I use the Github Desktop application in Windows. This is pretty intuitive. Github Desktop is also available for MacOS and may now (or soon) be available for Linux. I like the preview of source code and pdfs on Github - no need to download it to find out if it's relevant. i do update the stuff I publish - especially pdfs, so again Github Desktop makes that trivial. Github is also huge and not likely to go pop anytime soon! --- Just my take on cloud storage. Have a go and see if it reduces the barrier to Git entry low enough.

  • msrobotsmsrobots Posts: 3,612

    Maybe some link in PropTool to download the whole shebang into the Library Folder?


  • It's not just finding and downloading individual files, it's also a matter of making it easy for folks to upload and to maintain their contributions, including code and documentation. It doesn't need fancy collaboration tools.

    It does need a table of contents with categories and short annotations and a good search engine. Sounds like an OBEX to me. But, who maintains the site?

    Or, I believe the @PhiPi forum option could work without a heck of a lot of supervision if the contributors stick to a template that eases search and decision.

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