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Home Assistant / MQTT use by our forum members? — Parallax Forums

Home Assistant / MQTT use by our forum members?

I use Home Assistant (an open-source project) for monitoring and controlling various devices in my home.

Does anybody here in the forums use this as well? I'm asking as I'm thinking about some form of MQTT support for our P2's...

Would this be useful at all?


  • TubularTubular Posts: 4,436

    I think this will be really important to have at some point.

    You're probably ahead of the pack once again Stephen!

  • ColeyColey Posts: 1,101

    Yeah I use HA at home with MQTT and also in my work with MQTT using the Mosquito broker.

    It's very versaltile and is become very widespread now.

    My background is electronic security systems and some IP CCTV cameras even have MQTT built in for sending video analytics metadata and for activating different operating modes.

  • VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 2,562
    edited 2022-01-04 15:49

    Another vote from me !

    Good memories of an Erlang server with MQTT I used to run for asset tracking; really simple efficient and scalable system- feels an ideal match for Propeller ! If you need help with getting an MQTT broker server online, I could help with that. Never heard of HA, but will read about it soon. Sounds like something I'd like :)

  • Stephen MoracoStephen Moraco Posts: 173
    edited 2022-01-04 21:38

    @Coley @Tubular @VonSzarvas Thanks for your responses.
    This gives me ideas of what to do in upcoming projects.

    @Coley if you have any RPi's (or Omega2's) check out these links:
    RPi/Omega2 Monitor Card
    RPi Reporter Daemon
    Omega2 Reporter Daemon

    (Other things I do with my time... ;-)

  • Hi,
    as you will need something to connect to Wifi in any case, for me it seems best to do as much as possible on the controller, that does wifi, like esp32 for example. If you could use esp32 with arduino for MQTT there are nice libraries and tutorials. Simpler nodes could be done with esp32 alone, while more complex nodes can add P2.
    At least for me, having a small number of different systems has great benefit!
    (At the moment I have abandoned MQTT, because this adds the complexity of a linux server system. Instead I use ESP32 each running as FTP-Servers and accessible per telnet. )

    So in the context of IOT I would argue to see P2 as a (optional!!! (space, power, complexity, cost)) subsystem, because the Wifi- software, which has to run on the ESP32 is way more complex and the benefit of existing libraries there is huge. There are a lot of Wifi functions possible. For example NTP is great. It seems not to make sense to me to have P2 control them.

    I wonder, if it would be interesting for newcomers to P2 to avoid programming of P2 completely by using the builtin Tachyon as a protocol between the ESP32 and P2 using the existing console serial.

    Just a few thoughts...

  • @"Christof Eb." Thanks for the feedback. Of course, you are correct. Watch this space for news in a couple of weeks. ;-)

  • MicksterMickster Posts: 1,974

    1960: "The government plans to put recording devices in our homes!!! 😮"

    2022: "Alexa, can I feed pancakes to my cat?"

  • I would second Chritofs point. I'm using ESPs and they offer a lot in terms of protocol support. E.g. HTTP, mDNS for discovery, SmartConfig to configure the WIFI credentials, etc. That's where their power lies. So for me a project that involves an ESP out of necessity for the connectivity would question involving the P2 unless there is something the P2's strengths come into play. At which point I just use UART or SPI to control it from the ESP32.

  • CircuitsoftCircuitsoft Posts: 1,146
    edited 2022-01-07 21:54

    MQTT-over-UART could be a valuable protocol, though...

  • You can of course send any data over UART, and make that part of an MQTT message. Or an HTTP request. Or OSC. Or whatever. Why tie this to MQTT?

    Maybe I'm thinking this too much from my perspective where I just write code for both platforms. For folks who struggle with that, a convenience-oriented, UART-controllable firmware might be nice. It would need much more than MQTT though IMHO, such as means to configure WIFI credentials/modes, IP-configuration, credentials, etc.

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