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Unable to open BlocklyProp files



  • @bluejay said:
    About a month ago I had my laptop remotely connected with a Parallax Engineer and Ken Gracey without success. They gave up.

    Hello Bluejay. Sorry to see that something still seems unsolved here.
    If you'd like to try again at some remote diagnostics, please email and suggest the best time/date for you. There is an engineer that would be available most mornings, from 6am to about 11am PST.

  • Thanks. I will try tomorrow.

  • For my record- The error message appears when trying to open .svg files
    "Project Load Error
    Unable to load the selected project file. The error reported is: "Project file extension is not one of '.svg' or '.svge'."

    However I can add e to .svg files and change to .sgve and then I can open and run .svge files. I am working with VonSzarvas to solve this problem.

  • VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 3,306
    edited 2021-08-31 10:22

    To update this thread, we resolved the issue for Bluejay.

    If any future customers experience similar issues, please email and we can provide a script which can fix this specific issue on Windows.

    In short, the customer registry setting for SVG files had been changed from the default. We think it may have been some graphics software installed by the customer which was targeting older Windows versions.

    The symptoms

    When opening the Blockly SVG file with Google Chrome or Edge browsers, the block graphics do not appear, and possibly a download occurs.
    And when opening the same Blockly SVG file at the webpage of, then an error message appears similar to : Project file extension is not one of '.svg' or '.svge'

    To resolve that specific issue

    The registry entry at: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.svg
    needs to have it's REG_SZ value set to: image/svg+xml

    After that change

    Reboot the computer and Chrome will be able to correctly interpret the Blockly SVG files again (or any SVG files for that matter!)

    Thank you to Bluejay for allowing us to remotely connect to your computer and figure out this issue.

  • Thanks again VonSzarvas.

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