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Parallax servos to lego technic

I am trying to see if there is a way I can interface my parallax servos to lego technic pieces so that I can build some bots in my brothers’ legos. So far, I have found that parallax servos are flat out pains to interface with legos.

I need the servo shaft to line up with the lego studs as close as possible so that they can be attached to gears and such.

My question is, has anyone managed to do this with parallax servos and how might I be able to do so? I do have 3D printing at my disposal, though my printer is not as precise as it needs to be to directly connect to legos most of the time.


  • When I need to interface servos with Lego bricks/gears, I often use Polymorph to attach a servo horn to an appropriate Lego piece.
    I know I have a few photos of these contraptions on the forum. I'll try find a few examples and add them to this thread.

  • Duane DegnDuane Degn Posts: 10,485
    edited 2021-05-23 18:41

    Here's one example.

    There are more photos in this thread.

    In the above example, I use nylon bolts to secure a Lego wheel to the servo horn. I was hoping the nylon bolt wouldn't damage the Lego much.

  • Thank you for your insight Duane! I'm afraid, however, that I need something more plug and play, as I intend for my brothers to use the servos when I am done. I do find the use of bolts interesting though, definitely not how I thought of doing it.

    I managed to get the servo horn adapter already by cutting one rim off of a lego bushing piece and inserting it into a servo horn. I then "tack welded" it down with my soldering iron while I ensured that it was square before supergluing it down.

  • It's not Lego specific but this thread has some ideas on attaching things to Lego.

  • Thanks Duane! I'll have a look...

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