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Console Emulation



  • @Rayman said:
    Also, can verify that XBox 360 controller (by Voyee) works.
    However, the green xbox button in center keeps flashing green.
    I think that means it isn't configured exactly right, not assigned a player #, but works anyway.

    Try changing the last byte of xinp_led_cmd byte $01, $03, $02 (as per the legend). 02 works for my nonsense, but maybe 06 is better.

  • RaymanRayman Posts: 12,818

    I tried several values, all seem to behave the same, no effect on the flashing...

  • Oh well, USB make brain hurt

  • roglohrogloh Posts: 4,522

    @macca said:
    Well... I got basic hub support working... only for full speed devices though, so it is actually useful for multiple gamepads only (no keyboards, no mouse) with the hope that none of them is low speed only.
    Before getting too excited, I still need to properly support multiple hid devices, so this will require a bit more time.

    So I just checked both of my USB gamepad devices and they are low speed :( Maybe one day...

  • Just figured out why the sound in Pulstar and Blazing Star doesn't work by way of spontaneous thought. It seems to be the same basic issue as the Data East games had - Z80 NMIs come in too close together due to the asynchronous nature of the 68000 emulation. That issue was fixed by adding a WAITX into the NOP implementation so that the wait loops run slow enough to give the Z80 enough time to handle the NMIs.

    I can get the sound going by adding a waitx #100 into the DBcc implementation, but that's obviously stupid. Will have to check what the wait code in those games actually looks like, but I assume/hope its just a DBcc branching to itself.

  • Yep, that was it, DBF branching to itself. Maybe should have played around with the delay value, but 100 cycles seems to be ok. Anyways, since it's been a month since V1.0-RC1, this fix is also now the final V1.0 release for NeoYume. (Since I hope 1.1 will be USB hub support)

    Get it while it's hot!

  • Just pushed final v1.0 for MegaYume as well. No change since RC2, just for consistency.

    Since MegaYume doesn't principally rely on copyrighted system files (as NeoYume does) and MD is a decently popular system with hobby developers, I've added links to some freeware ROMs into the README, as reproduced below. I think Ken asked about something like this at some point.

  • here's a video capture of me running some of those:

  • evanhevanh Posts: 13,628

    Old Towers immediately reminded me of Nebulus. Totally different game though. Fond memories of Nebulus.

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