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MMA7660FC accelerometer is eol — Parallax Forums

MMA7660FC accelerometer is eol

This is the accelerometer that is on the Parallax #20300 Badge WX, and on earlier incarnations of the badge too. I built it into a couple of projects on a contract and now my customer needs to populate 150 more boards. Aiiii, The bane of procurement, it went EOL last May, and none of the standard suppliers have any left. I'm just wondering, do you, anybody out there, have a any left over on tape or tray?

It is a 3x3mm DFN, and the replacement suggested by NXP is the MMA8653FC, which is 2x2mm DFN with a completely different pinout. We have the pcb fabs, so no rework.


  • You wont believe this, but there are several sellers on Amazon! Here is one, about a buck a piece, taped:
  • Interesting, ebay too. No reviews though, and I worry about counterfeit chips.

    Strips of 10 to be a pita for the CM. I can try to ask the Amazon seller if they have a reel and can cut longer strips.

    I still have about 20 of these, loose in a box, but that is even worse for the CM.

  • It agree neither of these sources is optimal, especially when your name/reputation is on the line. But "any port in a storm", maybe? Hopefully it'll work out for you.
  • If you need further caution, here's my story (from eBay, though, not Amazon):

  • Hi Tracy Allen

    I can almost bet you've already thought on that solution, but, anyway...

    If, by any reason you can't be confident on any other option, have you thinked about doing a very skinny/tiny 3X3 mm breakout pcb (interposer-alike), with castellated vias at its edges, so you can sandwich it between the 2X2 mm MMA8653FC DFN and the original land pattern of the MMA7660FC DFN package, in two operations?
  • I did find these chips from one of the legitimate dealers in overstock/obsolete parts. They list on as Bristol Electronics, and the parts came on a continuous strip well-packaged from Dan-Mar Components. Paid more than new of course. Now into assembly. By the way, Ken told me that Parallax already stockd enough of these parts to support the Badge WX for a good while.

    Yanomani, the idea of making little castellated pyramid of a 2mm DFN on top of a 3mm rider is quite amusing! I wonder how one would go about making such a thing. I did consider making a rider, but I think it would have been larger and wired up to a couple of i2c bus test points on the pcb. Luckily that won't be necessary!
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