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FlexProp: a complete programming system for P2 (and P1)



  • ersmithersmith Posts: 5,987

    @Rayman said:
    Think the FlexProp VGA demo can also work at 720p, see attached.
    Doesn't like 1080p though...

    A more recent version of the VGA demo is at . I should update the one in FlexProp I guess, but the p2_vga_text one is larger and has more stuff (including timings for 1280x1024 and some tools for converting fonts).

  • ersmithersmith Posts: 5,987

    FlexProp version 6.9.4 is available now from github and from my Patreon page. It has some significant bug fixes, particularly for Windows (where an uninitialized variable could cause mysterious and apparently random error messages).

  • ersmithersmith Posts: 5,987

    FlexProp has been updated to 6.9.9. Since the last release there are quite a few compiler fixes. The changelog looks like:

    Version 6.9.9
    - Fixed `--compress` flag on Windows
    - Added `--zip` flag to flexcc (previously it was just in flexspin)
    - Improved handling of file names in .zip output
    - Improved error message for sizeof(x) when x is undefined
    Version 6.9.8
    - Fix `#foo+CONST` calculation
    - Fix a problem with pointer calculations in structs
    Version 6.9.7
    - Fixed infinite loop when CORDIC and Read/Write optimizations fight
    - Fixed potential crash when compiling empty functions
    - Allow `#foo+CONST` for inline assembly when `foo` is a HUB label
    Version 6.9.6
    - Added a peephole for some address calculations (as suggested by Evan)
    - Fixed some built-in functions in spin2cpp
    Version 6.9.5
    - Fixed immediate ranges for load/store, and made out of range immediates an error (thanks to Ada)
    - Fixed an inappropriate memory forwarding with WZ (also thanks to Ada)
    - Made sure arrays of bytes are put into memory, even if inside structs or unions

    The binary releases are available on GitHub and on my Patreon page; links are in my signature.

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