Which Spin exam[e for which sensor creates the aircraft style display on a video style display?

I have received a sort of challenge. It is to confirm for this unassuming chap that the Prop 1 is considerably better than the Arduino design at grokking the inputs of any of different styles of sensors that Parallax sells.

It is supposed to be a turn and bank style one, but I can't for the life of me recall if its the gyro one, or the acceleration one, or none of the above who's used to feed the data to the Prop to create it. The board of course is the PPDB one but that's not important as the schematic is shown, I could easily replicate it around a QS board, or a PAB (especially a PAB) or the Prop Project Board.
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  • Accelerometer measures directional acceleration. Gyros measure rotational acceleration. I think.
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  • Hey Buck,
    I think there are several attempts as this.
    Just search the forums for "heads-up display"
    Here is one old post;
  • Both make sense. But I am still trying to find a specific demo.

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    Try this one in the OBEX written by Beau. Works with a TV.
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  • Buck,

    Getting a hold of a Demo, Education, or Development board would be best since they include video circuits.
    Some of the older video adapter boards may be still be available from other places.
    If you have the older project board then it has an unpopulated VGA circuit.

    The Human Interface Board has video circuits for the QuickStart.
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