fastspin Geany

On my Win 10 Pro box, I setup Geany to work with fastspin.

For the moment it is a very crude Geany fastspin. The one good thing is that with Geany, when you use .bas file it sets up for a freeBasic session, so all you have to do is manually change the Geany build commands to work with fastspin. So far I have it using the Compile correctly, and I added a 'Load EEPROM' command, which works. And the Geany Execute command also works correctly.

It is still somewhat cumbersome because you have to manually change the Build commands if you want to change the port selection. Plus now I have to figure out how to add an intuitive Optimization selection.

Since Geany also is available on Linux, does anybody know what fastspin, proploader files I should use for the Linux version of Geany? All I have seen so far are fastspin.exe and proploader.exe files.



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