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Request for P2 photos of all types for web site — Parallax Forums

Request for P2 photos of all types for web site

Hey all,

Don't bother going to the link just yet - there's nothing there. We are creating an official home for the Propeller 2 (and 1). It is necessary for us to support each of our customer types somewhat separately, so will remain education and will be used for the Propeller. The site will have prominent links to site.

Like the P2 design itself, the web site will be built from a number of community contributors (you).

I'm looking for photos to use on this site - anything you've taken of the P2 chips, evaluation board, applications, technical drawings. They will likely be background images. Rich Harman?

Please share what you've got to I can download from wherever, of course. Higher resolution is best because it gives us more flexibility over their use.


Ken Gracey


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