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The Quby Game Console for Four Players - Page 9 — Parallax Forums

The Quby Game Console for Four Players



  • So, it seems like the only solution is to send you a keypad. Let me know if you want me to do that.
    Thanks for doing all of the testing. It probably isn't worth sending a keypad or me trying to make one. It isn't off by that much and the blocks around the outside of the screen aren't really that important to the game anyway.
  • Well, at least we learned something by your bringing it to our attention.

    Oh, another thought is that perhaps a three-pin IR receiver module (IR-sensitive diode and filter in one device) such as is used in many consumer electronic devices could be hooked up to thus allow you to adjust the screens using the remote control that was supplied with the system. I imagine (but don't know for sure) that the driver board chip is already configured to work with one. I think that would just involve connecting voltage and ground along with the module's output pin. Then you'd be cooking with gas. I haven't done it, so I'm not sure which pin is the IR pin, but it's probably one of the two pins that are not wired in the PH2.0 connector for the keypad I have. If that would work, you wouldn't need to wire up any keys (as you'd use the IR remote that came with the console), but you'd need to obtain the diode module (you might even have one laying around already) and wire up its three pins. Anyway, just musing about a possible other way to go.
  • For now I'm not going to worry about it. It's good to know though that it could be fixed if I really need it to be sometime.
  • My Bezels arrived undamaged, thank you to @"David Betz" and @JRetSapDoog.


  • msrobots wrote: »
    My Bezels arrived undamaged, thank you to @"David Betz" and @JRetSapDoog.


    Wow! That took a long time. I'm glad they arrived safely.

  • Glad that you got them, Mike. Thanks for the update. Thanks for sending them onward, David.
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