Running Motors through DHB-10 motor controller using serial messages


I'm trying to run the motors ( with the DHB-10 ( using a raspberry pi 2 with python serial messages. I have the wires connected as shown in this post:, and my code is as follows:
import serial
import time

def readlineCR(port):
rv = ""
while True:
ch =
rv += ch
if ch == '\r' or ch == '':
return rv

port = serial.Serial(

port = "/dev/ttyAMA0",
baudrate = 19200,
parity = serial.PARITY_NONE,
stopbits = serial.STOPBITS_ONE,
timeout = 1



while True:
port.write("GOSPD 32 32\r".encode())
rcv = readlineCR(port)

This all seems to run fine, but the DHB-10 motor lights continue to flash orange and the motors do not move.

Any suggestions to why this is not working?


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  • have you tried "\r\n" ?

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