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Spin code needed for OLED display "28087"



  • These displays are small, only about 1" diagonal, but very readable due to the high contrast of an OLED display. This display is made of 128x32 individual white OLED pixels, each one is turned on or off by the controller chip. Because the display makes its own light, no backlight is required. This reduces the power required to run the OLED and is why the display has such high contrast; we really like this miniature display for its crispness
  • ke4pjw wrote: »
    New version. (v.3) Now will unfilled rectangles and screen copy command.

    Be sure to use web safe colors as my 16bit to 24bit interpolation is brain dead. I just multiply Red by 8, Green by 4, and Blue by 8. I will circle back to this.

    Todo maybe:

    Background colors for fonts? What say ye?

    Validate the scroll commands. I didn't change these from the ssd1306 code.

    Possibly implement the dim command. Not sure there is much value here, but easy to implement.


    Works like a charm!

  • ke4pjwke4pjw Posts: 471
    edited 2017-01-10 04:19
    Version 0.4

    This version has background colors for fonts. Also, the color interpolation for accelerated graphics has been improved, but not thoroughly tested.

    I will be adding this to the OBEX soon. Some code cleanup needs to happen and documentation needs to be written.


    Update: Moved to the OBEX
  • I have moved the current version of the driver and demo into the OBEX.

    Ver 0.5 is a code cleanup release that moves the splash and bar into the demo object and removes it from the driver object.
  • ke4pjw,
    I would like to thank you for developing a SPIN driver for this OLED display. I am sure many P1 users feel the same.
  • PublisonPublison Posts: 11,937
    edited 2017-01-11 19:22
    Kudos Terrie for getting your OBEX entry on the Parallax Website. (under additional resources).

  • Terry - Thank you for taking the time to make this driver! I just got my oled display from Parallax, fired up your demo code, and I'm off and running! Great job!
  • Hello Terry, thank you so much, this was a very great job! I will try this is I have more time on that. I am close before a job change so this will block me currently. For that what I want with the display is a 2 or 3 line text message dealing with some actual given values coming from some ultrasonic sensors. Well in fact there is an analog voltage matched to the ultrasonic distance like 6V for 6m or 1V (1000mV for 1m distance). So the first line can cover some setup- or system adjusted value and the maxbe next 2 lines may show USS#1: 2,5m and the next line may show USS#2 2,4m (the lower value will be used later on). So a black screen should be usefull. White characters on black screen is even better to read as vice versa. Thank you again - I will implement this into my project and give you feedback to this. :-)
  • Just a quick update: The Spin driver for the Parallax 28087 display has been downloaded 100 times!

    If any of you guys see bugs, let me know. At some point I will get some time to circle back and add book keeping for character positioning. This will allow for automatic upward scrolling and such.

    Again, glad someone has found the code useful.

  • RaymanRayman Posts: 12,042
    Wow, I just ordered one of these things from Digikey and started reading about it...

    Turns out hits SSD1331 is exactly what was used in the uOLED-96-Prop module, circa 2008.

    I have some code from a Parallax contest that looks like it would work right out of the box.
    (Well, almost, have to change parallel interface to serial interface).

    I may have to borrow the initiation sequence from Terry, we'll see...
  • ke4pjwke4pjw Posts: 471
    edited 2019-08-21 21:19
    @Rayman, check out what you can do with the 5 wire setup and the P2 with one of these. I couldn't believe it!

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