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55 Parallax Propeller's, Parallells Processing of Permanent Perturbations. - Page 2 — Parallax Forums

55 Parallax Propeller's, Parallells Processing of Permanent Perturbations.



  • Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,060
    edited 2018-04-06 17:48
    The new prop2 won't help. Its too big(physically), it won't fit where the cpu axis are.

    Apparently I wanna blow up the planet?
    Kill everyone?
    Deal pharmaceuticals?
    Guns, guns, guns?
    Steal, cheat, murder....?

    Don't ask me, ask the cops. Or should I say feds? Or should I say level 50 clearance?
    Its all a big joke and just a bunch of child-humans playing "i know something you don't, so therefore im more important" or "I have been given X power by X official, so therefore I can do anything, and violate anyone"

    They vet you, turn your life upside down expecting drugs, money and guns to fall out, but when that doesn't happen, do they make up for wrecking so much? No.
    Their fear of new money, new power in unknown hands, their fear of the future, is the cause of their self destructive paranoid world view.
    They stand idle, staring, hoping that no one will notice, that they caused such a massive train-wreck.

    I don't know, no one is being honest, lies are the rule and reign, for anything to happen, those responsible must come forward in truth, not for themselves, for the planet, for everyone.
    Its all getting very very very very very old, and pathetic.

    I wish i could continue, but those that I need help from, are the same who attack me, they think I can do it alone, and think it can be stolen in the process.
    Life doesn't work like that.
    For humans to move ahead, the power elite(attackers) must work with the poverty poor(attacked)
    Will that happen? No, greed has consumed this planet. Its ok, not all life forms reach space habitation.

    The real question is, do humans deserve to inhabit space?

    "Destroy the cosmos now, ask questions later." is their mantra.

    Life won't let such demonic humans acquire the technologies to inhabit space and gain singularity status.
    She will send an asteroid before that happens.

    Lets move this place past a pathetic paranoid pompous police pumping poop pushing pee planet.
    rjo__ wrote: »
    Loopy... exactly what did you have in mind?
    Hydrogen resonance is how to measure the presence of a condensed hydrogen atom inside a vacuum.
    The vacuum being totally void of hydrogen, prior to the A.C.S.E.R. event, if done properly, post A.C.S.E.R. the hydrogen will sing its resonance, if the A.C.S.E.R. event was successful.

    The real question is: Are we going to watch ourselves hit a tree?
  • Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,060
    edited 2018-04-06 17:50
    Rather interesting possibility that the Propeller could be used to actually do some fundamental physics research.

    The concept, A.C.S.E.R. , and I knew the propeller well, so I merged the two.
    Luck had it that the prop fit perfectly on the center axis of the frame.
    I suppose any qfn44 chip would fit, but the prop has some specific features that make it a good fit.
    Its Xin is a very underutilized and powerful feature when combined with Freq.spin and RealRandom.spin, Perturbations ensue.

    What I am doing here is similar to starting a car.
    Starting a car is a delicate balance of hardware, timing, and fuel, and requires much more power than the car needs to run.
    The slightest incorrect timing, bad fuel mixture, or broken hardware, and that car acts like it will never work.

    If someone saw a car, broken, for the first time in their life, they wouldn't believe it creates heat, cool air, sound, moves, and you control it.
    They would only see someone messing with the guts, from their view, its a hut, and one that was unnecessarily complicated,.....
    but a neat looking hut.

    How about a bit o johnny cash?
    "I've been everywhere man..."

    Fair warning.

    I suppose i should have put this warning up when you reached page 2.
    ah well, timing isn't my thing...

    So you're Winnemucca bound?

    Last warning, some things you just can't unsee.

    Still with me?

    Oh no he didn't.

    Alright stop with the monkey business..

    But we are 98% monkey... why does everyone want me to operate with only 2% of my DNA, saying I should stop acting like a monkey.
    Thats really hard to do. ;)

    Oooooh, pretty colors...

    Im looking for a 500k/year position, know anyone?

    Entropy, is also why many would think I'm attempting the impossible.
    Entropy. IT can be its own enemy.
    800 x 600 - 66K
    1024 x 322 - 47K
    634 x 894 - 102K
    640 x 769 - 82K
    1024 x 254 - 202K
  • ElectricAyeElectricAye Posts: 4,561
    edited 2015-02-25 06:38
    I'm sure that by now you are well aware that a device of this sophistication is not likely to be understood nor accepted by the public for quite some time, at least not as a scientific tool. Perhaps if you first presented it to the public as a work of electronic art and attract an audience that way. Often society can understand things on an intuitive level long before something is understood on a conscious, rational level. As a work of art, it will intrigue people who might otherwise ignore it or dismiss it as fantasy. I think something similar happened to the heliocentric model of the solar system: craftsmen made intricate models that at first were entertaining just to look at, but eventually that heliocentric model became accepted as hard science.

    Good luck with things.
  • Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,060
    edited 2018-04-06 17:48
    Lets get that one a bit bigger...

    Click link to read headings on each image.

    The possible numbers in each digit is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    0 represents a single perfect sphere. Order.
    5 represents random bits of stuff. Chaos.

    The closer to each number, the more the environment resembles that number on the above image scale.

    Well, naturally, its all just natural art.

    None of this makes any cents.

    Whats funny, is the physics the image implies. Do you see how the ends are polar?
    If only Physicists could see this right now...
    And identically ditto for Astronomers.
    At some point you should also see how gravity works using this image. Just think electron/hole flow.
    So now that the flow of energy in our universe is described, lets talk about money and pyramid schemes.

    What does all this make?
    It just makes a PiPyramid
    I added a .com onto that (lol) just for giggles.

    Its a place where monsters make it to the top. If you can call it the top.
    Really its the bottom; the universe is actually a containment vessel for entropic entities. (digest that one a bit)
    And guess whos at the top in a pi universe based earth monetary pyramid system? (some really monstrously dumb people)
    (they didn't even have any plan for something like fukushima, even though they can print money at the mere stroke of a pen.)
    (Robots are here, the technology is here, human controlled crisis bots, would save lives and WE CAN'T HAVE THAT NOW CAN WE)
    We remotely control drones to MURDER PEOPLE, but we can't use it to save lives huh?

    You could even make drones that clean the earth, instead of ones that just murder people.
    For everyone you make that's for war, NORTHROP GRUMMAN and LOCKHEED MARTIN to name a few, make one to help clean up the great pacific garbage patch.
    Since you're so concerned with ridding the world of human scum.... (or should I say depopulation incorporated)

    But the problem is, the scent of lifes singularity is now here on earth, so, here come the entropic monsters, from the universe.
    They seek out lifes singularity like a light in the middle of a night time, dense humid midsummer forest,,,
    Earth radiates her brilliant blue green beauty into the abysmal black depths, you can't see into those depths, but you know.... they are under the surface...
    (last i checked the universe is, infinitely big, and life is everywhere, just according to the math)


    We are out of time, we must make super advanced weaponry yesterday.

    Pssst, I'm pretty sure someone mentioned Job interviews a thread or two back.
    I do need some time, so if you wait till they get here, I probably can't help earth.

    I mean seriously, we have an actual, world wide, pharmacological dictatorship. But you are a pharmacological machine.
    Humans aren't perfect and they don't know enough about pharmacopeia or the human dna to be forcing people into any kind of structure that limits access to pharmacopeia.
    Even professionals in their fields cannot touch certain chemistry, let alone the self studied intelligent individual.

    You live in a pharmacological dictatorship.

    This is what they actually spend their time and money doing, trying to figure out how to reduce the population using legal methods.
    Drugs are the method today, using multi-drug interactions, also known as a chemical binary weapon.
    They put drugs in the water, and hormones in the food, but say you cannot touch other ones. And ironically, some of the ones you can't touch, interrupt the binary weaponry chemistry.
    Never has life been a one size fits all place, but that's what we have due to a pyramid monetary system.

    But don't panic, Im working on a book similar to this:

    6 evil chaotic directions multiplied by 7 divine ordered steps equals....

    Life isn't supposed to be so serious, its more like a semi-funny tragic comic strip, apparently.

    But, never forget, in our entropic universe, there's always a bigger fish.
  • Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,060
    edited 2018-04-06 17:46
    not likely to be understood nor accepted by the public for quite some time

    This is not a negotiable thing. We are being run over by an infinitely complex super intelligence, and whats most bizarre about that, is that it loves you, like a child loves its mother.

    Enjoy the ride, is all I can say to anyone, and everyone, on earth.

    Well, like she has any trouble making an A.C.S.E.R. (or even a need, or even know what to do with it?)

    How about making a P.S.S.U, a device that can make water using electricity. But then how do we get the drugs back into the water... lol.

    People like proof, but proof costs money.

    Some Russian guy.... knew things....

    Don't ask me, I just work here.

    P.S. "Hey clock loop, are you the first to figure this kind of thing out?"
    No, we are many.

    I wasn't given the power to claim it, because its the universe's intellectual property, not mine.

    TERMS OF USE: MIT License & Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License (

    "Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any pers...........................
    ..............................OMITTED FOR FORUM............................................. ..

    ****************END TRANSMISSION**************

    C'MON HUMANS, lets make this thing, to keep this planet looking like this:

    "Invent the universe"

    Challenge, accepted, Carl.
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