Using the P2-ES Board with the Propeller Memory Card (# 40004 )???

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I am wondering if the "Propeller Memory Card (# 40004 )" would serve a good use when hooked to a P2-ES Board? What do you think?

If I remember correctly, I have a pair of new "Propeller Memory Cards (# 40004 )" in my box of propeller parts.

I bet some other P2 users own a "Propeller Memory Card (# 40004 )"?

The Propeller (1) Memory Card Demo Code - 15.69 KB | updated: 07 Aug 2013 - 2:28 pm can be found at

From the 40004-Propeller-Memory-Card-Guide-v1.0
The Propeller Memory Card is a great platform for developing memory-intensive Propeller programs that can benefit from flash, SRAM, or a microSD card. The 13-pin SIP package works well in a breadboard .... . The flash memory is nonvolatile, and the SRAM is volatile, but has an optional solder connection to a battery.
• 32 megabit (4 megabyte) non-volatile flash memory in 4 kilobyte sectors
• 1 megabit (128 kilobyte) static RAM
• Card slot for microSD or microSDHC card
• Can be used with a breadboard or through-hole board for prototyping or custom projects
Key Specifications
• Power Requirements: 45 mA max (not including a microSD card)
• Communication: Serial Quad Interface (SQI), Quad Peripheral Interface (QPI), and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), including dual- and quad-SPI
Application Ideas
• Explore tradeoffs between different memory types
• Store images and frame buffers for user interfaces
• Store multiple files and programs
• Execute code from external memory
• Log large amounts of data


  • I modified a version of ozpropdev's Prop2 Flash loader to just write the content of a file to the Parallax Memory Card's Flash memory. Details on the hook-up are in the .spin2 code, attached.

    After writing the content of a text file (just the overview text from the P2 Documentation PDF), using this code on P2ES, I tested by reading the Flash memory back on a P1 (with a modified version of the Memory Card Demo program):
    Mounting flash memory:
    length: 4536
    The Propeller 2 is a microcontro
    ller containing 1, 2, 4, 8, or 1
    6 identical 32-bit processors ca
    lled “cogs”, which connect t
    o a common “hub”. The hub pr
    ovides a shared RAM, a CORDIC ma
    The P2 code writes the file length into Flash memory address #0 then writes the files content starting at address #4. The P1 .spin program just reads and dumps the Flash content, based on that length, 64 bytes at a time to test that the data was written properly.


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