SUGGESTED READING for Jim Ewald, Bump and Ken Gracey: The Ultimate Theme Guide for Vanilla-Forums

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Ken Gracey said:
Yes, we have a really good reason for the
switch. I'd have to take you back ten months and about 800 hours of work
to fully appreciate it. Bottom line is that this tool imported our
prior work and vBulletin was fully non-upgradeable with our
If you could help us work through some
of the issues we'll improve the settings and style. Bump will be here
full-time until we have a comfortable arrangement. 
Ken Gracey 
OK, the Parallax Forums have been migrated from "vBulletin" to "Vanilla-Forums" and Parallax has made the decision to combine a bunch of the "Forums/Sub-Forums" together.

On the positive side, the Migration seems to have met its goal of transitioning ALL of the "vBulletin" posts to "Vanilla-Forums" posts including images.

On the negative side, the style and settings of the new "Vanilla-Forums" forums are a MESS.

Now is the time to fix the style and settings of the new Parallax Forums !!!

According to this document The Ultimate Theme Guide for Vanilla-Forums this seems possible.

I hope Jim Ewald, Bump, Ken Gracey and all the forum users, will take the time to look at the "Ultimate Theme Guide", and make the "Parallax Forums" the "Ultimate Forums" once again.


  • Comic Sans...  :depressed:
  • Can Comic Sans be disabled? :)
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  • I for one think comic sans should be the only available font.
  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 22,476
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    If anyone thinks Comic Sans is bad, imagine what Comic Serif must look like! :)
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  • Something like this?
  • xanaduxanadu Posts: 3,288
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    What font is this?

    Safari and iOS so I can't get in on the comic sans damn I love that font. Long story.

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  • I can squeeze right! I cant't type text below an image :(
  • SapphireSapphire Posts: 496
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    Why not?
    This is below the image.
  • It is a bit late for suggesting a reference book or tutorials.

    But I must keep mentioning ...
    The 2942 items in My Bookmarks makes the feature useless.
    I have no way of removing these Bookmarks unless (just maybe) I visit each thread and un-do the bookmarking.

    I just spent over 30 minutes cleaning up my Inbox  with mail from August 2010 until now. So I am never going to waste hours clearing My Bookmarks.

    add that you your FIX IT list.
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