Special Announcement: MattG is 50 today - get the story!

Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,741
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Let me set the stage a bit for you. MattG is a productive person - the kind of guy who sets out to get the job done. For example, he doesn't come to Parallax to eat his lunch and he looks forward to getting the day's project underway. He's expressed concern about our total time consumption for the monthly Parallax birthday parties where we gather all the birthday recipients together at one time. Heck, we derail at least 40 productive people for a half hour just to ingest a bunch of sugar. MattG typically shows up to get his cake and retreats quickly back to his work space. So, what better way to celebrate his big 50 than something like a special party just for him? Envision:

Internal Page All: Attention, we have a special announcement. Please drop your soldering irons and close your e-mail. There is a special birthday today - somebody has turned 50 years old! Matt Gilliland and everybody, please come up front to eat some cake!

Of course, MattG didn't hear the message because he was in the router/laser room. The cyclone was spinning 1500 CFM and all he was thinking was about getting a fixture made for the selective soldering machine. Amidst the noise, MattH (the other Matt) retrieved the 50-year-old and brought him forward so we could force him into his very own party. Present at the party was the whole crew plus Matt's special friend Carl, who brought the cake to Parallax.

As MattG really likes his work and Parallax customers, I felt it was an event worth sharing. Happy Birthday, MattG! We appreciate everything you do!

Ken Gracey



  • Ron CzapalaRon Czapala Posts: 2,418
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    Happy Birthday Matt!!!

    Three cakes - WOW.
  • ratronicratronic Posts: 1,451
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    Welcome to the "old farts club" Matt!
  • TtailspinTtailspin Posts: 1,326
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    Happy birthday Matt.

  • mindrobotsmindrobots Posts: 6,506
    edited 2012-02-22 - 19:34:37
    Happy birthday, Matt!!

    February birthday people are special!
  • PJAllenPJAllen Banned Posts: 5,065
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    Hey, 50 is the new 49!
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,719
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    HBD Matt! You & Heinrich Hertz share the same B-day! That should get you 10% off your next car rental!
  • Roy ElthamRoy Eltham Posts: 2,861
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    Happy Birthday Matt!
  • bsnutbsnut Posts: 520
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    Happy Birthday Matt. Those cakes look kinda tasty.
  • sylvie369sylvie369 Posts: 1,618
    edited 2012-02-23 - 02:58:53
    Happy 50th, Matt.

    I've been 50 for 11 months now, and I'm telling you, it's all it's cracked up to be. Here's where the real fun begins.
  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 16,255
    edited 2012-02-23 - 04:58:52
    Happy 50fh Matt. Oh to be 50 again ;)
  • Martin_HMartin_H Posts: 4,050
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    Happy birthday Matt. Remember if you measure your age in seconds 50 isn't that different from 40.
  • Tony B.Tony B. Posts: 356
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    Blessed 50th Birthday! I sure hope Ken gives you a day off!

  • mindrobotsmindrobots Posts: 6,506
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    Cluso99 wrote: »
    Happy 50fh Matt. Oh to be 50 again ;)

    Haha! I'm starting to forget what it was like to be 50.....but I'll take your word for it! :smile:
  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,741
    edited 2012-02-23 - 07:21:58
    Tony B. wrote: »
    Blessed 50th Birthday! I sure hope Ken gives you a day off!


    Whoa! Matt, Tony is right. You get your birthday off at Parallax!

    Ken Gracey
  • RL600RL600 Posts: 40
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    Happy birthday Matt!!
  • Matt GillilandMatt Gilliland Posts: 1,406
    edited 2012-02-23 - 08:45:47
    A big thanks out to all my forumista friends here! (except of course, erco ;-)

    I am truly a blessed man. The culture here at Parallax is profoundly optimistic and encouraging!

    And, as if that were not enough - about a month ago, I got a new *official* email address: MattG@parallax.com.

    And besides, "Fifty" doesn't sound all that bad...especially when you consider I have the mind of a 7 year old ;-)

  • Matt GillilandMatt Gilliland Posts: 1,406
    edited 2012-02-23 - 08:50:50
    You get your birthday off at Parallax
    Those are empty words Chief - my ankle shackles are rusted shut.

  • davejamesdavejames Posts: 4,000
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    Best wishes!
  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
    edited 2012-02-23 - 08:58:37
    Happy Birthday Matt from Parallax: Plumas Lake!
  • BrowserBrowser Posts: 84
    edited 2012-02-23 - 09:13:51
    happy b-day matt! did you get shrimpz? thatz important. and never stop chasin birdz or findin time fer a good nap, and yul stay yung!

  • Oldbitcollector (Jeff)Oldbitcollector (Jeff) Posts: 8,090
    edited 2012-02-23 - 10:15:41
    Lordy, Lordy, I thought I was OLD at 40! -- JUST KIDDING MATT! You don't look a day over 38!

    Happy Birthday Matt!

  • localrogerlocalroger Posts: 3,392
    edited 2012-02-23 - 14:02:51
    Happy B-day from the Mardi Gras aftermath. I'm hot on your heels -- turned 48 myself on the day after Valentine's. You know how that goes, in a few more years we'll be the same age.
  • PublisonPublison Posts: 11,417
    edited 2012-02-23 - 14:20:16
    Happy Birthday Matt. 50 is good..gray hair is good! :) Welcome to the still young generation.

    I guess those three cakes will take the place of three doughnut days. :)

  • KyeKye Posts: 2,200
    edited 2012-02-23 - 15:27:51
    Happy Birthday!
  • WBA ConsultingWBA Consulting Posts: 2,901
    edited 2012-02-23 - 22:55:08
    Happy Belated Birthday Matt! I hope you got to go somewhere special! :thumb:
  • Matt GillilandMatt Gilliland Posts: 1,406
    edited 2012-02-24 - 08:20:35
    Happy Belated Birthday Matt! I hope you got to go somewhere special! :thumb:
    I did! I Got to go see a good friend who works at a company that has its priorities right. And of course, all my friends here with the aforementioned Parallax Party (including a childhood friend "Carl" who kinda set up the whole thing). Then my family's surprise party when I got home that evening...All in all, it was a good day. Only thing missing was my Maddie-the-intern (@ CalPoly SLO), and clam chowder on Pismo Beach, at sunset - right Tommy?-Matt
  • PublisonPublison Posts: 11,417
    edited 2012-02-24 - 10:36:20
    Sounds like an excellent time! Will Maddie be back to join us this summer. I'm sure the gun will make to UPEW. :)

  • Matt GillilandMatt Gilliland Posts: 1,406
    edited 2012-02-24 - 16:50:28
    Maddie adores that gun....

    Now that I said that, it makes me worry a little bit...hummm.
  • TtailspinTtailspin Posts: 1,326
    edited 2012-02-24 - 17:14:12
    We thought you were coming, so we turned up the heat to 75 plus on the beach... but you were no show.
    You know we don't turn up the heat for just anyone..
    It was hard to enjoy the clam chowder with the thought of you being ground into the slab by ken the slave driver,
    but we managed to choke it down between sobs, and the bread bowl soaked up most of the tears...

    Oh well, you know the drill, give us a call when you come to town, thats if ken ever lets you out of the sweat shop.

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