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Special Announcement: MattG is 50 today - get the story!

Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,238
Let me set the stage a bit for you. MattG is a productive person - the kind of guy who sets out to get the job done. For example, he doesn't come to Parallax to eat his lunch and he looks forward to getting the day's project underway. He's expressed concern about our total time consumption for the monthly Parallax birthday parties where we gather all the birthday recipients together at one time. Heck, we derail at least 40 productive people for a half hour just to ingest a bunch of sugar. MattG typically shows up to get his cake and retreats quickly back to his work space. So, what better way to celebrate his big 50 than something like a special party just for him? Envision:

Internal Page All: Attention, we have a special announcement. Please drop your soldering irons and close your e-mail. There is a special birthday today - somebody has turned 50 years old! Matt Gilliland and everybody, please come up front to eat some cake!

Of course, MattG didn't hear the message because he was in the router/laser room. The cyclone was spinning 1500 CFM and all he was thinking was about getting a fixture made for the selective soldering machine. Amidst the noise, MattH (the other Matt) retrieved the 50-year-old and brought him forward so we could force him into his very own party. Present at the party was the whole crew plus Matt's special friend Carl, who brought the cake to Parallax.

As MattG really likes his work and Parallax customers, I felt it was an event worth sharing. Happy Birthday, MattG! We appreciate everything you do!

Ken Gracey



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