5 Missing parts on Quadcrawler Kit !!!

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I received some days ago the Quadcrawler Kit directly from Parallax.
I·am disappointed because there are several parts missing: four aluminium parts and a circuit board. Although I have asked for these to Parallax·through email, I have received·no answer from them.

Anyone has experience at requesting missing parts from Parallax ? Do they answer to such requests ? Should I start to think that I have lost my money ?

By the way, I had similar experience from a distributor of Lynxmotion. I never got the missing parts. :-( So I am starting to worry now.

I think I could replace the missing PCB (it is the BOE board) but I doubt I can do myself the four aluminium parts, specially after I have paid for them !



  • Jon WilliamsJon Williams Posts: 6,491
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    Please call our office directly: 1-888-99-STAMP. E-mail is the WORST option when you have a serious service issue. We have real humans answer phones in our office, and this issue could have been resolved in the time you took to compose your message.

    Jon Williams
    Applications Engineer, Parallax
    Dallas, TX· USA
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    If you could please contact us at 1-888-997-8267 between the hours of 7am and 5pm Pacific time (Monday through Friday), we will be happy to replace the missing parts.· I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Best regards,


    Dave Andreae

    Tech Support

  • inakiinaki Posts: 262
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    Well, the next day I published this message I got an answer from Parallax sales support and I got the missing parts today, only three days later.

    I must admit that this is excellent support by the side of Parallax. Thanks to Jon Williams, Dave Andreae and Jim Carey.
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    I have the same issue myself.· I received my crawler today, and did not thoroughly inventory the parts.· I did immediately notice that the BOE was missing.· After going through the parts list, I noticed that I too am missing the servo mounts.· I will be calling them in the morning.· Sorry to see that this has happened, but with it having as many parts as it does, it is easy to miss something.· I would recommend to parallax that they have a check sheet that get's included with the shipments to ensure that the person packaging the product has included all of the parts.

  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,918
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    Hi Mike,

    We discovered today that we had a batch of 10 QuadCrawlers which we didn't kit completely. Every once in a whle we tend to get a bit relaxed and make a mistake like this one. We are contacting the individuals who received the kit and sending them parts ASAP. We're also double-checking these kits internally before shipment.

    It's the low-volume kits like this one that get us - those which we build many more of are less likely to have mistakes.

    Call us in the morning anyway, just to make sure we're doing the right thing.


    Ken Gracey
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    Fxprorm, the good news is that after I received the missing parts (yes, the BOE and the 4 servo mounts) I was able to complete the Quadcrawler mounting without missing any more parts. Every screw was there. Just one thing: the software examples in the book are wrong. They are written apparently for the BS1. However the examples in www.crustcrawler.com are right and work nicely.
  • AlexAlex Posts: 20
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    Hello Mike:

    I checked the current QuadCrawler documentation. All of the code headers are for the Bs2 and we have NEVER written code for the BS1. What page are you looking at?



    CrustCrawler Inc.
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