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I am following the tutorial on connecting a WX WiFi module to a bs2, minus the stamp. I want to use it standalone for now. I have run through connecting it to my home network, though it does not work. When I am on it's network, the index page functions quite well. I can navigate and change settings, files, etc. When I connect the module to my home network, the only page that works is the home or index page. Clicking on anything causes the page to freeze up.

My network is Windstream hosted if that helps.
All efforts made in vain are doomed to fail.


  • Sounds like an addressing issue. Can you past the URL of the index page.

    It should at least say page not found and not just hang unless scripting is disabled.

  • The index page loads, problem free. That’s all that works. When I click the buttons on the left, they turn blue, indicating that the page link has initiated, but that’s it.
    All efforts made in vain are doomed to fail.
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