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ESP8266 Connection Help

AwesomeCronkAwesomeCronk Posts: 1,034
edited 2019-02-12 01:13 in Accessories
I am following the tutorial on connecting a WX WiFi module to a bs2, minus the stamp. I want to use it standalone for now. I have run through connecting it to my home network, though it does not work. When I am on it's network, the index page functions quite well. I can navigate and change settings, files, etc. When I connect the module to my home network, the only page that works is the home or index page. Clicking on anything causes the page to freeze up.

My network is Windstream hosted if that helps.


  • Sounds like an addressing issue. Can you past the URL of the index page.

    It should at least say page not found and not just hang unless scripting is disabled.

  • The index page loads, problem free. That’s all that works. When I click the buttons on the left, they turn blue, indicating that the page link has initiated, but that’s it.
  • Are you using chrome ?
    I had a similar problem and the only solution was to switch to Chrome browser.
  • Edge
  • AwesomeCronk, how large are the files you're trying to serve? The ESP8266 has a really small buffer for outgoing data, and will lose data and hang as you're describing with page images over about 2K unless you break up the page and serve it in chunks. I'm not sure what the learn page is using on the ESP end, I was programming it in Lua with NodeMCU when I found this problem. IoT pages tend to be small but it doesn't take much Javascript or CSS to find yourself over the line.
  • I don’t have any files except the Parallax firmware.
  • At this point, all I am trying to do is connect to it and open the index page.
  • In the past, this module has experienced excess voltage for about a minute’s time. This may have damaged the unit in some way.
  • Clock LoopClock Loop Posts: 2,056
    edited 2019-03-06 18:17
    Hmm, excess voltage.... not good... perhaps some of the flash data was corrupted from the voltage?

    Try re-flashing the unit completely, using a proptool. (not the OTA method) Use the serial method.

    Updated flashing instructions-->
  • Gotta buy a prop tool first! Never got a breadboard based prop kit, so I never got one! Just add it to the list. Planning an upgrade to ESP32 WiFi anyway.
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