Great Desktop deal

This is a great little desktop deal for 60 bucks. I have bought two refurbs for $99 over the last year and they work great. I maxed both out to 16GB ram, and added a cheap, low profile 2GB video card.


  • No kidding. That's one heck of a deal for anyone needing a basic computer! I've been looking for some cheap way put a Windows computer in our second office so that my wife can remote into her office - this will work great! The included Windows license is what sold me, since her company's VPN / RDP setup is Windows-only.
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    Sweet! Very similar to the 6305s I have. My SFF at home has an AMD A4 processor and my work minitower has an A10... big difference, but they both work great. All the 6300 series desktops have a real live serial port on the back, and there is an internal header to quickly & simply connect a parallel port connector on the backside. Makes it easy to Stamp it up!

    I posted about this A10 computer when the ebay seller accepted my lowball bid of $50, with free shipping!
  • It was sold out but it looks like they got more in
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    These Win 7 refurbs are perfect candidates for the still-free Windows 10 upgrade per

    I've done 7 such upgrades since December and the process still works fine. One was an old Dell Latitude 2110 Win7 netbook whose graphics card was "incompatible" with Win10 and the installation aborted several times. But a bit of skullduggery and HDD swapping ultimately won out and now she's faster than ever. Graphics are as good as ever.
  • Erco,

    Since Windows 7 support will end in a year I am considering using Windows 8 instead of 10 since it came with my laptops which the last time I checked didn't have full Windows 10 driver support.
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    I know several Win7 users who are just hanging on and hoping for the best. I know there have been several Win7 updates over the years, but still nothing compared to Win10's almost daily updates. Makes me wonder how vulnerable older systems are.

    I thought Win8 was OK, but most people didn't care for it.
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