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    You don't have to anodize Aluminum parts but it makes them look nicer and last longer.

    Aluminum will react with Oxygen in the air and form a protective oxide on its surface so anodizing just makes this natural layer very thick.
    As part of the process a colored dye can be added to give this layer a nice color.
  • I'm going to post the good as well as the bad during this project, I'm positive the weakest link in this entire project is my ability or lack of to Program, but we learn by doing and by our mistakes....

    I finally over the weekend reinstalled the arm and servo (I had to change location due to design change) and now I was ready to start programing. I was able to get angry bird and the new arm to hit their marks exactly, I was very excited. The new arm ended up working perfectly, I still cant believe I couldn't come up with that myself, but we all learn. I will post a video if I can figure out how or in the very least more pic's.

    Now for the bad news.......

    I spent several hours with no luck trying to get EMIC2 and the RGB to work, if I had any hair I would have pulled it out. I do want to say I did test ALL devices independently of each other (outside the box) so if something is not working I either released the smoke in the device or I"m just not coding properly.

    The only reason I'm not posting any code for you guys to dissect is because at this point in the game with all the components installed in the box and wired I'm now making sure each device is working, so I've been writing separate code for each device and when something wasn't working I was just scrapping the whole thing and starting over.
  • Genetix:

    I'm assuming the Aluminum is already anodized because this was a Ping sensor stand, but I'm covering it with cloth so it will look like Angry Birds hand, or foot, or hoof.
  • Here it is pushing the switch.....
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  • Very Cool!
    Your bird looks good and angry >:(
    Any com port in a storm.
    Floating point numbers will be our downfall; count on it.
    Imagine a world without hypothetical situations.
  • Mikeologist:

    Thanks, he does look pretty Angry. I will be happy to get him out of this cardboard box and into a real, or I should say a Nicer box, but other then that I'm pretty happy with my progress.
  • That is a useful looking useless box!
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    PBasic ?

    I would use the PULSOUT Command to control an RGB?

    Connection to RGB:
    I/O Pin

    I could not find any example code anywhere, well not exactly true, I did find SPIN code.
  • ASKME wrote: »
    ... I will be happy to get him out of this cardboard box and into a real, or I should say a Nicer box...

    "Nicer" than the Versace box eh?

    Angry Bird's headed for some sort of treat !
    Peep Peep !!

    Well done Paul. Very tidy result. F.A.B.

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