Propeller Assembly for beginners



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    In the book you mentioned there was alternatives to the 7404 hex inverter, and so I looked for one and
    settled with the NTE 4050B. It is a non-inverting buffer, but there is no Schmitt trigger. But it does seem
    to be a fairly high speed device compared to other 74 series devices I looked at.

    Is there any drawbacks that I should be aware of when using the NTE4050B?


    Bill M
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    I still have a few of the books left
    Price reduced to $18.00 to clear them out
    No more will be printed
    Paypal only
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    Just in case people where not following, here is were you can get it.

    Just got word from the printers. They are scheduled to ship books to me on the 22nd of this month.
    My email address is for PayPal payments. $35.00 includes
    everything in the USA. Mailed from Champaign Il. 61820 on about the 25th of March '13.
    274 page book plus a file with ~100 pages of fully documented code you can cut and paste from.

    NOTE: New price is $18.00.

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    Harprit, I just send you a payment.
    I like to support people who are supporting the Propeller.

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    Hello Harpit, I would like to buy your book but I don't have a Paypal account.
  • HarpritHarprit Posts: 539
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    Send me the cash but be warned that this is not a good idea.
    Send a check and take a few days. Safer.
    705 w Kirby ave
    Champaign IL, 61820
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    Thanks Harpit, I will mail you a check. Do you also have any Spin books?
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    $30.00 ppd
  • HarpritHarprit Posts: 539
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    Books are mailed media mail. ($3.20 media mail v/s $10+ for 1st class)
    So please be patient. It can take 5 to 10 days per query at the Post office.
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    I received my book today. It looks good.
    Can I ask where you had it printed ? I thought about self publishing a book, and yours seems to be pretty well made.

    One thing I noticed is that is several places you mention that the timer takes 53 minutes to overflow. It is actually 53 seconds, not minutes.

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    DiggyPOD printed it, but before you do anything you need to talk to me because there are a few pitfalls you should know about. I can save you the headaches. I wish I had had someone to talk to up front.

    217 369 8737 any time CDT.
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    I don't like your book. There are so many errors my eyes are bleeding.

    ( just my opinion, it might help others, but I doubt it.)
  • PublisonPublison Posts: 11,508
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    Paul wrote: »
    I don't like your book. There are so many errors my eyes are bleeding.

    ( just my opinion, it might help others, but I doubt it.)

    Could you explain further?

    You make a very broad statement and do not cite any particulars.

    I'm sure Harpit would like to know as would the readers of this forum.
  • HarpritHarprit Posts: 539
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    Stuff like this really frustrates me.
    Its essentially the equivalent of a poison pen letter.
    It helps nothing. It helps no one.
    I think Paul should be ashamed of himself for being unhelpful and nasty.
    Shame on you Paul.
    As I have said before, light a candle, don't curse the darkness.

    The basic question is "Do we need more literature on the Propeller or less"

    Pat. L. even suggested that Parallax add the book to their book list.
    I happen to know that Pat is a retired chemistry teacher.
    He must know something about teaching and learning.
    He said it taught him a lot and he liked it.

    Keep writing poison pen letters like this and soon no one will ever want to write a book about PASM.

    Today was a sad day for me.
    I will have no more comments on this.
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    Harprit - I am very pleased with my copy of your book. Thank you for the effort you put into it.

  • BeanBean Posts: 8,097
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    I have only had time to skim through the book, but so far the "minutes" instead of "seconds" error is the only one I've noticed so far.
    Now I wish I had never mentioned it.

    BTW I'm a pretty good proof reader, if you (or anyone) has any propeller documents they would like me to look over before release, I'd be happy to do that.

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    Would you deliver the book to Finland and what would the postage be for "slow-mail"?
    I should be able to pay through PayPal.
    I'm not sure I would have use of the book right now, but am anyhow considering buying it, if nothing else then just to show my support. Especially after reading one of the posts above...
  • TrapperBobTrapperBob Posts: 139
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    I bought your book when you first offered it and I once again would like to thank you for your effort. I have learned from your book and would just like to say keep up the good work.
  • PaulPaul Posts: 263
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    Harpit, Like I said, it was just my opinion. A simple criticism. Maybe you will take the extra time on your next book to make it better. The term "rough draft" was used earlier in the thread and I'm afraid I have to agree. My opinion should not have surprised you. If this was the first time someone said they didn't like your work, you are very fortunate indeed.
    Perhaps I just wasn't your intended audience. If instead your audience was someone that just picked up a Propeller yesterday then I'd have to say that precise instructions are even more critical. Folks like me with 30 years of programming can be forgiving, newbies won't know the difference between shared[1] and shared1.(see Program 1)
    I encourage you to keep producing PASM literature. More is always a good thing.
    I will be looking forward to it and will be happy to provide you with my opinion. :smile:
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    @banjo and overseas readers.
    Postage to almost every country is $22.00 by air, even Canada.
    There is no sea mail as such.

    I am now 74 years old and there will be no more books by me.
    Your turn now, what with your 30 years experience I expect an excellent tome.

    Me...Maybe an occasional article for the Model Engineer magazine.

    I am busy building a 1/8 full scale live steam locomotive. 0-4-0
    Its 13 inches wide, 18 high and 36 long.
    It now runs on compressed air.
    Boiler next.

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    @Harprit I will be looking for your book as I have a need for pasm. Where is it available and options other then paypal?

    IMHO its best to ignore some people in this world. Opinions are like belly buttons everyone has one...

    Keep the faith!!
  • HarpritHarprit Posts: 539
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    See #818 for address
    You can send me a check
  • PublisonPublison Posts: 11,508
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    Stick with us Harprit.. You are a great resource, and very much appreciated.
  • fridafrida Posts: 135
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    Thank you for the book, that arrived today, I am looking forward to read it, like I did with your Programming in Spin.
  • Patrick LangPatrick Lang Posts: 15
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    This is a great book. I learned a great deal from it. I greatly appreciate Harprit's hard work for little reward. Sure like everything there are a few glitches in it but figuring those out helped me gain a greater insight. I did communicate some difficulties I had to Harprit. He was always willing to answer and help. I hope what I communicated to him didn't discourage him. It's so easy to criticize.
  • HarpritHarprit Posts: 539
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    I think I have sent a file with the 100 pages of fully commented PASM code listings to everyone that bought a book
    But I might have had a senior moment or two and.....
    If you did not get your copy, send me your email address and I will send you a copy
    cell 217 369 8737
  • HarpritHarprit Posts: 539
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    Thank you Pat
    No you did not discourage me one bit. I'm not that kind of guy.
    I starting boarding school when I was 8. They whip it into you. (not literally but figuratively)
    Boarding school boys never give up. Its much worse than religion.

    If you followed this thread from the beginning you know how it went.

    But Damn! I hate getting old. There is so much still to do and coming to the realization
    that I am going to run out of time before I run out of money is ultimately depressing.

    Thanks again Pat, you were very kind. Wish we had more like you (Mr. White!!)

  • HarpritHarprit Posts: 539
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    John G. I need your email address to send you the code file
  • GenetixGenetix Posts: 1,476
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    Harprit, My book arrived yesterday and it looks great though the diagrams are a bit on the light side. Great book, thank you so much for writing it.
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