Propeller Touchscreen Platform (PTP): Now available! Drives the $10 3.5" touc

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Here's the product page with some info:

Here's the page for the new, $10 touchscreens:

The PTP was designed for both beginners and experts in mind, with the additional goal of offering the lowest cost option possible.

There are two basic versions:· "Full" and "Shield"
They are the same PCB but one is fully stuffed and one only partially stuffed.
The board is 3.8"x2.5" (exactly matching the original Propeller Platform)

If you already have a Propeller Platform, you can save money by just buying the "Shield" version.·· Just attach above or below the Propeller Platform, connect the screen and you're ready to go.· The LCD power supply, backlight and touchscreen controllers are on this board.

The "Full" version has the additional parts to make a stand-alone driver board.· All you need to do is connect the LCD.
The full PTP also has full-size SD card and headphone driver.

I think Chuck George at is going to help make an enclosure for the board.

The product page will be updated soon with more information including a manual and schematics.

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